Fans Think That Naughty Dog is Teasing Its New IP in TLOU Part 1

Naughty Dog has remade The Last Of Us Part One for the Playstation 5, the third version of the game to come out since the game originally launched in 2013 on the Playstation 3. However, possible hints towards the next Naughty Dog IP might be hidden in the game, according to screenshots, fueling speculation.

The images in question are a collection of various pictures that take on a more fantasy bend instead of Naughty Dog’s standard pulp-fiction fare. With the pictures including dragons, mystical landscapes, strange animals, and snowy forests, it’s hard to ignore the possibility that it might be a hint, especially when other developers have previously hidden hints towards future titles as seemingly innocuous posters and pictures in games.

Reactions are, however, mixed among the Naughty Dog community, especially on Reddit and Twitter, where these supposed leaks have been posted. Following the backlash around The Last Of Us Part 2, particularly Naughty Dog’s own reaction to much of the criticism, many fans have expressed disinterest, or worry that somehow the supposed game will be controversial.

However, others have reacted to the news about a possible next Naughty Dog IP with some excitement, especially considering it would be something new compared to Naughty Dog’s last few games, the Uncharted series and The Last Of Us, both of which have been dark and gritty realistic fiction as opposed to some of Naughty Dog’s older games like Jak and Daxter or Spyro the Dragon.

Of course, these pictures could also just be another reference to Savage Starlight, a comic book series that Last Of Us protagonist Ellie was a fan of, rather than anything about the next Naughty Dog IP. Until Naughty Dog makes some sort of announcement, it’s unlikely we’ll know any more. While it would be good for Naughty Dog to come out with another new IP after so long focusing on two franchises, it’s too soon to get excited about something that may not even be happening.