Naughty Dog’s Working On A New Fantasy IP, TLOU Online Nearly Finished, Says Leaker

Naughty Dog is believed to be working on at least three different projects at the time of writing, one of which is apparently a brand new intellectual property.

Taking to Twitter earlier today, leaker Oops Leaks claimed that an unannounced single-player game is “currently in full production” as an all-new intellectual property. The game will possibly take place in a fantasy setting and strangely does not involve studio co-president Neil Druckmann.

Besides the unannounced single-player game, Naughty Dog is said to be busy with the long-promised The Last of Us multiplayer game. Dubbed The Last of Us Online, the game will blend elements from Escape from Tarkov and The Division following its reboot from originally being a battle royale experience.

The Last of Us Online is furthermore getting a lot of internal attention. The game will be one of the ten live service flagships Sony Interactive Entertainment plans to release on PlayStation 5 in the coming years. An announcement is to be expected in late 2022 with a release in early 2023 for PlayStation 5 before being ported to PC down the road.

Lastly, there is The Last of Us Part 3. Naughty Dog has apparently finished an “outline of the script” but remains fully focused on its other projects for the time being. Druckmann confirmed last year that he wrote an “outline for a story” for a direct sequel with co-writer Halley Gross after the release of The Last of Us Part 2.

He confirmed at the time that Naughty Dog is not working on The Last of Us Part 3 but hopes that the project “can see the light of day” in the future.

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