Naughty Dog Concept Artist Teases New Fantasy Game

Naughty Dog has been on a hiring spree lately for an unannounced project which the public has been desperately trying to pin down. That new game may have just surfaced, unofficially that is.

Earlier today, eagle-eyed fans found a series of concept art shared by Hyoung Nam on his personal ArtStation account a couple of months back. Nam works as a senior concept artist at Naughty Dog and who teased that the said concept art was “inspired from [a] new game.”

He shared nothing else except that fans will know where he is pointing at, which in all likelihood is what the Uncharted developer is currently working on.

The three concept pieces are titled “the women of north” and depict a high fantasy setting. The first concept art shows a female ranger (or knight for that matter) sitting over the corpse of a slain dragon. The second and third artworks depict shaman-like female characters who are decorated with bones, skulls, and trinkets. The clues strongly suggest that Naughty Dog is working on a fantasy game of sorts which could possibly be a brand new intellectual property just as some speculations were previously predicting.

Naughty Dog stated last year that it would be finishing up on a multiplayer mode for The Last of Us Part 2 post-release. That project is probably underway. The developer however has also been working on something else on the side, which incidentally some rumors were hoping to be related to the Uncharted franchise but with a female protagonist.

Based on the offering by Nam, that latter part may be true. Whatever Naughty Dog is currently working on appears to place a large focus on a female lead, perhaps even multiple female leads for that matter.

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