Naughty Dog Job Listing Apparently Confirms The Last Of Us 2 Multiplayer

A newly posted Naughty Dog job listing has apparently confirmed that there will be The Last Of Us 2 multiplayer, though until the studio actually makes an announcement on whether or not that will be happening nothing is actually confirmed. The listing itself asks for a game designer for multiplayer systems.

Multiplayer wasn’t the major draw of the original Last Of Us game, but it did turn out to be fairly popular. Players would take on the role of a member of a faction and go into various matches with the goal of gathering supplies, making use of their weapons to fight off other groups that are trying to stop them.

The multiplayer proved to be fairly popular, and it seems that with the job listing at Naughty Dog that The Last Of Us 2 multiplayer might be coming with the new game. Whether it will be roughly the same as the original game, or even be expanded, however, remains to be seen.

The Last Of Us 2 still doesn’t have anything like a release window or a release date, and it doesn’t appear that we’ll hear anything about it at Gamescom. However, the possibility still remains, and we might get at least a new trailer or some other kind of information.

If there is The Last Of us 2 multiplayer, hopefully Naughty Dog will expand on it in multiple ways, maybe with new modes and new maps to keep it fresh. As for the story, considering how the first Last Of Us was, we can expect a gripping story that will tug at our heartstrings in a variety of ways.

The Last Of Us 2 will be coming out on the Playstation 4 and the Playstation 4 Pro sometime in the future, and will continue to feature Joel and Ellie. In the meantime, fans should look for any sort of information about a release date.