Naughty Dog is Gearing Up For A PS5 Title

Is Naughty Dog working on a brand new IP or a sequel for the Uncharted series on PS5? We explore their listings to find out.

2020 is a successful year for Naughty Dog. Not only did the studio score 7 awards during the Game Awards 2020 ceremony for The Last of Us 2 but it is also recruiting for its next project already. It almost makes sense for Naughty to be working on an exclusive title for PS5 and we all hope it is a new Uncharted game. For what it’s worth, the creators of Ellie’s and Nathan’s adventures are a huge asset to Sony Interactive Entertainment and whatever they are working on will be huge.

Over the past few days, Naughty Dog has been adding more and more openings for roles within the studio. This includes designers, programmers a producer, and more. Even though the list is extensive, the requirements offer close to none context. It’s hard to say whether the studio is working on an U

ncharted game for PS5 or not. However, there are some hints that point to them working on yet another narrative-driven single-player experience.

For starters, we find some of those listings ointing to narrative-driven content and the absence of multiplayer character:

Level / Environment designers are the creative force behind our narrative-driven content. Crafting engaging gameplay experiences through sequences of level setups they design and produce.

Preferred: 3+ years designing and scripting single-player levels for console games

To extend, even more, Naughty Dog lightly confirms that they will be working on multiple projects. They do so by sneaking in the “project(s)” in every listing. This means that we might be looking at a sequel and a new IP or something along those lines.

Whatever this new project is, it will take some time to find out. The number of positions available shows that the studio is expanding in a big way. This could mean that the studio is ramping up for big projects and is creating separate teams for them. For the time being, we can all hope that whatever the studio is making will stand tall to the expectations that The Last of Us 2 creates.

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