Naughty Dog Cinematic Animator joins Bioware as Uncharted 4 Dev Ends

Interesting things are happening around Bioware, as a Naughty Dog Cinematic Animator joins Bioware. If he is working on Mass Effect, this is an exciting prospect for fans of the game.

Tal Peleg announced his career move on Twitter, and revealed his goodbye letter on his personal blog:

In the letter he praises Naughty Dog, hyping up Uncharted 4 which will be the last game he worked on:

“End of today, I’ll be bowing out and officially bid farewell to my awesome friends & colleagues at Naughty Dog. As we’re wrapping up Uncharted 4, I can safely tell the fans will be in for a treat.”

We know from such games as Uncharted and The Last of Us, the cinematic animation on show is very impressive. If Mass Effect: Andromeda is to get the same treatment, then this is good news. That’s not to say that the Mass Effect team don’t do an excellent job already of course.

“I am thrilled to join BioWare Austin for an exciting new adventure that will bring a breath of new challenges and responsibilities, which I really look forward to diving into head on. The awesome folks at all of the BioWare studios have been exceptionally welcoming, and so I’d like to personally thank them for offering me a spot to help propel BioWare’s remarkable work to all new heights.”

He also revealed that his own game, Dante’s Redemption which he is the director of, is also heading into the “advanced stages of production” and should be appearing by the end of the year.

What are your thoughts on the news that Naughty Dog Cinematic Animator joins Bioware? Let us know in the comments section below.

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