How To Get Hidden Treasure In Naraka: Bladepoint

Naraka: Bladepoint has a lot of in-game currencies and they are all named in such a way that you might...

Naraka: Bladepoint has a lot of in-game currencies and they are all named in such a way that you might be confused as to which currency is for which purpose.

Hidden Treasure, for example, is actually the Battle Pass of Naraka: Bladepoint. There is then an Advanced Hidden Treasure that is simply the premium or paid-for version of the Battle Pass.

That is not the end of it though. There is also Hidden Treasure XP which is something you can find in the game to level up your Battle Pass.

The following guide will clarify all of these Hidden Treasures and tell you where to find them in Naraka: Bladepoint.

How To Get Hidden Treasure In Naraka: Bladepoint

Daily Quests
The first way is to log in daily and complete Daily Quests. These are simple objectives such as traveling a certain distance on the map or dealing a specific amount of damage to an enemy.

The objectives are always randomized and there is a chance that you can complete multiple Daily Quests in a single match to net you around 600 Hidden Treasure XP every single day.

Daily Challenges
These are different from Daily Quests but also require you to log in every single day to claim some bonus Hidden Treasure XP.

Cavalry Quests
Your Battle Pass will assign you Cavalry Quests for each week, instead of daily. You can have up to seven Cavalry Quests each week and they can net you around 1400 – 2800 Hidden Treasure XP in total.

However, compared to the Daily Quests and Challenges, Cavalry Quests can be a bit more difficult to complete and may take a bit of time.

Just Play
You can just make sure to play as many matches in Naraka: Bladepoint as possible to get Hidden Treasure XP. As long as you are regular, your matches will automatically complete most of the Daily Quests and Challenges as well as Cavalry Quests.

Hidden Treasure Rewards

As you level up your Battle Pass (Hidden Treasure) with Hidden Treasure XP, you will eventually reach the many tiers for various rewards. These rewards vary between the free and premium Battle Pass with the premium version naturally offering a lot more.

Some of the notable Hidden Treasure rewards are Tae and Silk, in-game currencies for you to purchase cosmetics from the shop, and Glyphs. There are then several cosmetic rewards such as weapon skins, avatars, character profile backgrounds, gestures, accessories, emotes, and such.

Hidden Treasure furthermore contains Gold for you to spend in the shop. However, Gold can only be obtained as a reward from the Advanced Hidden Treasure or the premium version of the battle pass.

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