Immortals Fenyx Rising Myths of the Eastern Realm Sheng Sheng Boss Guide

In this guide, we’ll help you solve the puzzle that frees the dragons and give tips on defeating the Sheng Sheng boss during the Sky Dragon Quest in Immortals Fenyx Rising Myths of the Eastern Realm.

Immortals Fenyx Rising Myths of the Eastern Realm Sheng Sheng Boss

There are two challenging events that you’ll come across while completing this quest: solving the puzzle and fighting the boss.

Solving the Puzzle 
You’ll find yourself amidst a puzzle when you’re asked to go underground and raise the altars. As you jump down, you’ll find yourself in the main hall.

In this main hall, you’ll find two huge square platforms. You have to place two huge cubes on these platforms to complete the puzzle.

One of the cubes is located in the room behind these platforms. The cube present in this room is being protected by two yellow shields.

Look for a circular platform on the floor and stand on it to deactivate the first shield. Once the shield is down, hit the two blue targets in front of you to deactivate the second shield.

The second shield is right above those two targets, and that’s where the cube is located. Climb to the elevated platform on your right, and you’ll spot the cube on your right.

Use Herakles’ Strength to throw the cube down through the second deactivated shield.

Go back, deactivate the first shield again and pull the cube towards you before carrying it to the square platforms in the main hall.

You’ll have a limited time before the second shield is reactivated again. So be on your feet as soon as you hit those two targets.

Or, you can simply place the cube on the second shield before hitting the targets, so whenever the shield is deactivated, the cube falls down by itself.

Next, carry the cube onto the square platforms in the main hall. Once it’s in the correct place, shoot it in the center to increase its size to fit the platform.

For the second cube, turn around and head straight until you come across a hole in the roof.

Climb through the roof and turn around to see a caged door.

The second cube is placed on the other side of that caged door. If you look closely, you’ll find some similar target in the same room, the one you used to deactivate the shields for the last cube.

Shoot the target through the caged door and pull the cube towards yourself as soon as the door opens.

Unfortunately, the cube is too big to fit through the door. Hence you’ll have to shoot it first to make it smaller.

Carry it to the square platforms in the main hall and place it in the only free slot. Shoot it again to make it bigger, and this marks the end of the puzzle.

Fighting Sheng Sheng
You’ll face Sheng Sheng near the pond. This boss fight is not very challenging given the fact that its movements are quite slow, and you can see its attacks coming from miles away.

It likes to stomp its hands and feet in the water, and that’s pretty much all the attacks that Sheng Sheng knows of. These attacks can be easily dodged.

Try staying behind the boss and keep attacking it on its feet and legs since they are easier to approach

The boss will take forever to turn around, so you’ll have plenty of time window to make your attacks.

Once the boss turns around, move around its back and repeat. The boss has no special moves that it can attack you with when it’s nearing its demise.

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