Immortals Fenyx Rising Myths of the Eastern Realm Ruins of Heaven Locations Guide

With the new DLC, Myths of Eastern Realm, for Immortals: Fenyx Rising, we have new Ruins of Heaven locations that you need to uncover for the Divine trophy/achievement. Our Immortals Fenyx Rising Myths of the Eastern Realm Ruins of Heaven guide will list down all the locations for you to find these collectibles.

Immortals: Fenyx Rising Myths of the Eastern Realm Ruins of Heaven Locations

Below we’ve noted all the ruins of heaven locations in the Myths of Eastern Realm DLC in Immortals: Fenyx Rising.

Expanse of the King Among Clouds

The first ruins of heaven location is in the expanse of the king among clouds, where you will start your journey by jumping on clouds and exploring the area. Run straight ahead and jump on the clouds to go forward, then activate the next moving cloud and jump over it to move forward.

Then activate the next platform and shoot the arrows on the target that appear, and the clouds will start moving. Now ride the cloud going right and then activate another platform and ride the cloud that appears, then jump to the cloud on the right and then to the ground ahead.

Activate the platform here and jump back on the previous cloud; another cloud appears on top, jump on it and then to the ground above. Run through the open area and then you will fight a demon at the door that goes to the next area.

Move forward and activate the cloud, ride it and jump to your right to avoid the obstacle in front and then jump back on the cloud.

You will have to go through a few obstacles as the cloud keeps going forward. Keep activating the clouds and ride them until you reach the next big hall. Here you can heal yourself before you move forward.

Then go ahead and turn to the first left that comes ahead, here activate the platform. You will now have to go through many clouds and obstacles to reach the next hall. In this hall, you will find a chest, open it, and get “Renowned Bow of Yi.”

Now go back to the main path, collect the wings, activate the platform ahead, and use the wings to do long jumps on the clouds and the next hall. Here you will find Sky Agate.

Chong Raises the Skies

Go through the gateway and use your wings and other abilities to go through the obstacles ahead and then through a hall. Heal yourself here and then move ahead and then to your left, here you will have to go through lots of moving obstacles, use wings and grapple through grappling points and you will find a chest in the next hall with “Legendary Bow of Yi.”

Then get to the main path and use wings and grappling to go through a large area of obstacles, and in the next big hall, you will find the Sky Agate.

Path of Tai Yi’s Tribute

Get through the gateway of the path of Tai Yi’s tribute. Run straight ahead and you will see two platforms; activate both of them. First, get on the right cloud, grab the box through the bars, put it on the platform, and then do the same on the left side.

Jump on the ground ahead and activate the next platform, jump on the ground and go through the big hall. Then activate the next platform, grab the box to the other end, and put it on the platform.

Next, activate the platform and turn both the levers to the outer sides. Jump through the platforms in front to another lever in the middle.

Turn it over and jump on the moving cloud to the next hall. Then go straight to the platform ahead and stand on it to get the cloud moving, do the same on the next platform.

Get to the next hall to open the chest to get “Skysplinter Garb.” Then jump down from there to get through the portal into the new area.

Here go straight ahead through the clouds, and make sure to destroy or throw all the boxes as you ride on the clouds and clear the way for clouds. At the end of this path, you will get the Sky Agate in the next hall up the stairs.

Tutelage of the black Emperor

Enter the Tutelage of the black Emperor area and use wings and grappling points to get through the platforms ahead. You will also have to defeat all the monsters as you fly through this area.

This area is all about fighting the monsters and when you are done, get to the big hall to get the Sky Agate.

Li Quells the Horizon

Enter the area and run through the big hall ahead of you. From here, you will have to cross most of the path using grapple points and wings. After a long journey, you will reach a big hall where you can heal yourself.

Go to your right inside a big room, here you will have to activate a puzzle and use grappling to solve it and remove the lasers. Then open the chest to get “Starchaser Grab.”

Then go back to the main path and activate the lever, now climb the stairs. You will have to activate another lever on your way, and you will get the last Sky Agate after crossing all the stairs.