How to Tame a Horse in Myth of Empires

Myth of Empires is a vast game, so you’ll need a horse to ride so you can travel fast around the map. Horses are however not so easy to get, so here is a guide to help you tame and train your first horse and the others as well in Myth of Empires.

How to Tame a Horse in Myth of Empires

Horses are found in the wild in Myth of Empires and you can tame these wild beasts into your trusty steads.

How to Get Close to a Wild Horse

To train a horse, get some Fodder and Reins. Although the Saddle is optional, we recommend getting one before you go out to get a horse, as this will allow you to ride the horse back to town instead of having to walk all the way back with the horse following you.

You will have to buy one after you get the horse to ride it, so get it now.

Now go out and look for a horse you like. We recommend looking for a level 20 horse, as they can be useful for long and you can get the most out of them before you need to get a new one.

Once you have found the horse, throw the fodder near it to distract it, and then get close to the horse and press “E” to start taming it.

Make sure the fodder is thrown such that the horse faces away from you. This allows you to get to the horse without scaring it away. Crouch and walk to the horse, avoid sprinting.

Also, look out if there are other horses around your targeted horse, as if you scare any other horse in the area, you might trigger a chain reaction where all the horses will be scared away by that one pesky horse.

How to Successfully Tame a Horse

After you manage to get close to the horse you want, press ”E” and this will start the taming process. For this, you will get on the horse, and you have to keep yourself from falling off.

You will see three bars on your screen. As you ride the horse, the Taming Points will rise along the Rage bar. After the Rage bar fills up, the horse will go berserk.

When the horse goes berserk, you will be prompted to rapidly click the mouse button to keep holding on to the horse.

Successfully doing so will allow you to keep on progressing the horse after its rage ends and failing to do so will result in you being bucked off the horse, will some amount of your Taming Points being lost.

Hold on longer to your horse to tame it. If you get thrown off, you will have to go again and catch the horse. If you successfully tame the horse, you will get to name the horse and make it yours.

Now, go to the horse’s inventory, and on the right border of the screen, place the Saddle in the Horse’s slot to equip the saddle and ride it.

If you already have a horse, you can set the new horse to follow you as you ride and act as a mule or cargo.

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