Myth of Empires Fatal Error, FPS Drops and Fixes

Myth of Empires is an ambitious multiplayer sandbox set in an ancient eastern continent. It’s currently in its early access stage, which means there are going to be numerous bugs and problems before final release. In this Myth of Empires guide, we will go over the most common errors players are facing and outline their fixes so that you can enjoy the game to its fullest.

Myth of Empires Errors and Fixes

Players in Myth of Empires are reporting various bugs and errors in the game. These errors might be due to the fact that this game is available in early access. However, there are a few ways you can tackle some of the most common errors.

In this section of the guide, we will mention those errors and their solutions.

Abnormal FPS

This is similar to the previous bug but instead of stutters, you experience sudden frame drops. Turn off any desktop management software, since this will cause the game to malfunction.

Turn off any overlays as well and as stated before, adjust graphical settings according to your PC’s specs.

Fatal Error

Sometimes in Myth of Empires, players face a Fatal Error with unhandled exception. We believe this might be due to antivirus in systems which causes this Unhandled Exception error.

Disable real-time protection in your Anti-Virus or exclude the game folder from it; the latter is recommended. After that, verify the game files in Steam, then play Myth of Empires to ensure it does not crash with a Fatal error.

The Myth of Empires Fatal error can be caused by using third-party tools and applications that interact with the game.

To repair the problem, disable any third-party software you’re running, as well as Steam in-game overlay and GeForce Experience overlay.

Another option for dealing with the Unhandled Exception problem is to launch CMD (Command Prompt) as an administrator.

Enter sfc /scannow into the command prompt. Allow the scan to finish, and if anything is discovered, it will be repaired automatically.

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