‘My Nintendo’ Coming to 39 Countries in March; Everything You Need to Know

We know that Nintendo’s new loyalty program is going to be called My Nintendo, and we also know some of the details about how it is going to work thanks to the announcement that was made back in October – a couple of months after the previous loyalty program, Club Nintendo, was discontinued.

However, the chief executive officer and president of Nintendo, Tatsumi Kimishima, has now detailed the new program while addressing the stakeholders at the third-quarter earnings call of the company.

At the beginning, the program’s highlights include point program, coupons, e-mails, web DLs, expanding to friend list, cloud data, in-store and more. Let’s look at the aspects that have been explained by Nintendo.

“My Nintendo is Nintendo’s new points program. It will be available both on Nintendo’s dedicated game machines and on smart devices,” he revealed, and continued to explain that the program is going to follow a similar points system that Club Nintendo had. This time, however, the loyalty points are called Platinum Points:

Platinum Points can be exchanged for digital content and original goods. You can receive Platinum Points by playing apps on your smart device, by logging into the Nintendo eShop, and by meeting specific requirements.

While digital content and goods is what Platinum Points get you, Gold Points on the other hand will get you Wii U and 3DS discount coupons for digital content. Purchases made on Nintendo eShop get you Gold Points.

A detailed account system is going to be launched where you get your own profile, recommendations and discounts i.e. a complete account system. Also, you will be able to download games to your consoles and handheld from your mobile and PC – just like PlayStation!

Last but not the least, it has been confirmed that My Nintendo is going to be launched in a total of 39 countries across the globe in the month of March. The exact launch date was not shared, though.

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