Russian Announces 4 Games, Some With Obsidian

Russian site, used for various communication applications, has announced a list of new games at Game Developer Conference (GDC) 2014.  Interestingly enough, these announcements come with a collaboration of some fairly reputable studios.

In total, four titles will be coming soon to their games portal. It mostly includes massively multiplayer online (MMO) games. We’ll list these below:

  • World of Speed: Recently announced by Project CARS developer Slightly Mad Studios, this is an MMO that’s all about racing. Players can use a selection of different cars and take on driving challenges against others. It’s also possible to team up. Locations from all over the world will be added to the game, from London to Moscow.


  • Skyforge: Developed by the owners’ studio Allods, Skyforge will be an MMO in collaboration with Obsidian Entertainment of Fallout New Vegas fame. Expect a traditional roleplaying game (RPG) in a gigantic world, said to have a million players on one server.


  • Armored Warfare: Obsidian Entertainment’s own MMO with upgradable tanks. Gain experience through events for contractors, grow your arsenal and fight in realistic battlefields with destructible environments. Think of it as a bigger and better World of Tanks.


  • Evolution: Unlike the other announcements, this RPG is on iOS and Android. Build a base to defend yourself and upgrade a squad that can venture out and take on missions. This includes a few mini-games with puzzle elements. is owned by Mail.Ru Group. If you’re worried about language issues, however, you’ll find reassurance in the portal being available in English, as are the sites for the games.

Other services provided by the portal include a chat application and a way to check mails.

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