The Outer Worlds Murder on Eridanos The Productivity Queen Walkthrough

In this The Outer Worlds Murder on Eridanos The Productivity Queen walkthrough, we will go through each step of the “The Productivity Queen” main quest from the newly released DLC. Without any further ado, let’s get started.

The Outer Worlds Murder on Eridanos The Productivity Queen

The Productivity Queen quest is obtained by asking Bellhop Norville about the scene of the crime at the Grand Colonial Hotel.

He will lead you to Helen by telling you about her actions on the day of the crime. He will tell you that Helen left the Hotel with the Prophet of Profitability when the crime was committed, making Helen a suspect.

This main quest’s location is Holey Caves, Eridanos, and you will get Rizzo’s Reputation and 5000 Bit Cartridge as a reward for completing this main quest. You will also unlock An Unfinished Accusation quest.

In the Productivity Queen main quest, you first have to find the Prophet of Profitability and then examine the body. After that, find out about the Prophet’s alibi and then confront the Prophet. After that, report back to Administrator Ludovico.


As mentioned earlier, you first have to find out about the Prophet, which can be found in his private retreat in the Wilderness Exploitation Reserve.

To get there, take the bridge north of the Hotel to the reserve. As with other areas on Eridanos, there will be a small temporary island with another bridge leading to a lift that will carry you into the reserve.

There will be an abandoned bunker in the eastern part of the reserve. Go there and then head north if you want to enter the bunker. There will be a cave opening for Holey Caves.

There will be an elevator at the end of the caves, but you have to fight your way through the fairly linear path and fight parasites and infected animals along your way.

Go down through the elevator and you will encounter infected Rizzo’s employees after turning right through the door of the first room. There will be a large quarters-style area after taking a few steps up with rooms on both sides.

There will be another room on the opposite side with tents inside. You will reach the Prophet’s retreat and in the largest tent to the left, you will find the Prophet. Ask her about the murder, his involvement in the murder and the crime scene.

Look around the room for the Prophet’s Alibi. On the wall behind her tent, there will be a terminal.

Before you confront the Prophet, you should read the text from Ruth Bellamy. She will admit to murdering Halcyon Helen by mistake and moving her body into the wilderness.

Report back to Administrator Ludovico and then decide what you will do with the Prophet. That concludes The Productivity Queen main quest.

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