The Outer Worlds Murder on Eridanos The Man Who Chafed Walkthrough

The Man Who Chafed quest is part of the newly released DLC for The Outer Worlds called Murder on Eridanos and in this The Outer Worlds Murder on Eridanos The Man Who Chafed walkthrough, we will cover the complete quest step by step.

The Outer Worlds Murder on Eridanos The Man Who Chafed

You will unlock this quest by completing the A Momentary Taste of Purpleberry main quest and involves yet more sleuthing!


When the quest starts, talk to Dr. Goodnight, who is on the first floor of the Hotel in the Medical Center.

Dr. Goodnight will tell you the reason behind the death of Halcyon Helen. She was poisoned by someone when having her daily meal. Dr. Goodnight will suggest you go to the VIP floor and talk to Spencer Woolrich about the whole situation.

To get to the VIP floor, you need to talk to Concierge to get and intimidate her to get access. Intimidation will cost you 40 bits, and bribing her will cost you 1300 bits. After getting access to the VIP floor, get into the elevator and go to the upper floor.

On the VIP floor, go south and talk to Spencer. Ask him about the whole situation and he will tell you to talk to Chef Anwar. You can question the Chef about the death of Halcyon Helen. He will get pressured and reveal that either Spencer or Bellhop Owens poisoned the food.

Your next objective is to check the kitchen security footage for more clues. To do this, go to the Constabulary and talk to the Deputy Wine-Taster robot to view the security footage. First, you have to bribe the robot with 500 Bc to get access.

The footage of the security cameras will reveal that Spencer is the one who poisoned the food and killed Helen. You can also go to the backroom to analyze the body for the cause of death.

Check on Bellhop Owens by going to Grand Colonial. His body will be found in the south when you enter from the front entrance. Kill the enemies by the body and analyze it.

Now head back to the VIP floor to confront Spencer. Spencer will confirm that he poisoned the food, but only wanted to incapacitate her.

Go back to the penthouse and inform Administrator Ludovico about the whole scenario. Doing so will complete the main quest and reward you with 5,000 bits cartridge.