The Outer Worlds Murder on Eridanos Prince of Tossball Walkthrough

Prince of Tossball is part of the main story questline for the Murder on Eridanos DLC for The Outer Worlds, and below, we’ll give you a step-by-step walkthrough of the entire The Outer Worlds Murder on Eridanos Prince of Tossball quest.

The Outer Worlds Murder on Eridanos Prince of Tossball

This quest is activated automatically following your return to the hotel suite and completion of A Momentary Tale of Purpleberry.


Upon the beginning of Prince of Tossball quest, you are informed by your companion of an intruder inside your room. Next, you need to find Rizzo’s Rangers Mascot. He is your intruder and is apparently working for Black Hole Bertie.

You will agree to meet him at the Pilothouse. At the Pilothouse, he agrees to tell you about Helen’s demise; intimidating him will reward you with extra exp points. Now to reach the Pilothouse, exit into the lobby and out through the northern door of the building.

The eastern bridge will lead you to the Pilothouse. A small island will be in your way where you can stock up on supplies at the shop. Also, on the same island will be a building with a Parasite Spawnling and a Workbench inside.

When you are ready to progress with the quest, just continue making your way east by way of the next bridge. Once at the Pilothouse, follow your objective marker to head straight for the meeting spot.

You will find the corpse of the mascot you were supposed to meet and as you approach, your Discrepancy Amplifier will start beeping. Analyze the body and you could also loot it to get Rizzo’s Rangers Noggin and Armored Tossball Uniform.

Your next objective will point you towards the Piraeus Spaceport on the island Southeast of the Grand Colonial Hotel.

Make your way back to the hotel and this time, make your way to the bridge to the south. You will have to talk to Sedrick Kincannon on the intercom to make him open the bridge gates for you.

Once the gates are unlocked, make your way to the spaceport. Inside, a mysterious character will inform you that SLUG is trying to get rid of you. Soon a fight will break out, defeat all the hostiles. Loot the dead bodies of your attackers, and one of them will have a note from a Marketeer.

Head to the right of the building is Black Hole Bertie, question him about the murder and his whereabouts, to which he will provide you with his alibi, Orick West, and give you Helen’s Datapad.

You can choose to confirm his alibi as an optional objective, but either way, just make your way back to the hotel and report to Administrator Ludovico, effectively ending this quest and beginning the next main quest in the DLC, Lord of Blight.

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