How To Taunt In MultiVersus

MultiVersus is a free-to-play platform brawler that features many iconic characters across the Warner Bros. series of franchises. It bears a lot of similarities with Smash Bros. but at the same time also stands on its own with some new features and mechanics.

Unlike Smash Bros., MultiVersus has been designed from the ground up for 2 vs 2 competitive modes. All characters have moves that are deliberately designed for team play while Smash Bros’ design focuses more on 1 vs 1.

That being said, there is one feature in MultiVersus that works exactly as it does in Smash Bros: the ability to taunt your opponents. For newcomers, the following guide will explain how to do just that.

How To Taunt

While taunting itself doesn’t deal any damage to your opponent in the game but it is a way to get in your opponent’s head.

Often taunting a player causes them to charge at you which can be easily punished. But don’t get too carried away as your character is also very vulnerable while taunting. Taunting mid-fight is not recommended but it’s the most disrespectful and funny. Only taunt when it’s safe to do so, like right after knocking out your opponent.

Following are the controls to taunt:

  • Keyboard: Press T, 2, 3, and 4.
  • Controller: Press any of the direction keys on the D-Pad.

You can equip a maximum of 4 different taunts. All characters come with their default taunts and more can be bought through the premium Gleamium currency.

Since you can equip multiple taunts, you should equip some faster taunts and some slower taunts, then perform them accordingly to not get punished for taunting.

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