Best Perks And Tips For Jake In MultiVersus

Jake the Dog is one of the first four characters that were introduced in MultiVersus. You might recognize him from Adventure Time where he is best buddies with his partner Finn and they both help each other out on their journeys.

In Multiversus, Jake belongs to the Bruiser class and his stretching abilities plus attack combos make him a pretty powerful and competent character in the game.

Perks are special abilities in Multiversus that, when combined with attacks and combos, boost up the power of the characters to a much higher level. Mastering perks must be the main focus of players in the game and if u decided to continue the game with Jake, then read on through the following article to learn about some of the best perks and tips of Jake in the game.

Best Perks For Jake In MultiVersus

Signature Perk: Sticky
Sticky enables him to temporarily paralyze his enemies when they attack him. During this time, you can easily target your opponents and defeat them. This perk is especially useful when you are using Jake’s stretching ability.

Perk Slot 1: Lumpy Space Jump
Jake is best at launching people in the air. Using this ability will enable your team to deal 5% extra damage with melee attacks while your opponents are in the air.

Perk Slot 2: Tasmanian Trigonometry
Tasmanian Trigonometry is the best option for the second slot as with this, your squad will get 15% raise in KBI or simply known as Knockback influence which helps to recuperate from knockback. When stacked, your team will get a 25% increase in KBI.


Perk Slot 3: Triple Jump
Launch your opponents in the air and use this perk which will enable your team to perform an extra jump after each hit. This way you can keep hitting your opponents in midair and perform lethal combo attacks to defeat them.

Jake Tips

One of the best strategies, while engaged in combat as Jake, is to use Rubber Stomach and eat your opponents which although it won’t guarantee you a kill, will weaken them by a lot which you can use to your advantage and continue attacking them to secure a kill.

A skateboard combo is especially useful for opponents that are sticking to the ground and not attempting any aerial attacks. Perform this combo by doing a quick jump and hitting down several times. This way you will be able to deal serious damage to your opponents and can defeat them with a final blow.

Sometimes your partner might find some difficulty in defeating an opponent. In that case, use the Giddy Up skill that lets Jake charge toward the opponents and attack them which will give your partner a significant recovery time.

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