Best Perks and Tips for Garnet in MultiVersus

In this guide, we'll look over all the best perks and tips for Garnet and how to use the character in MultiVersus.

MultiVersus offers its players various character options, most of which are familiar faces. And if you’ve been a fan of Steven Universe, lucky for you, you’ll stumble upon Garnet as one of the playable characters in the star-studded character pool. In this guide, we’ll look over all the best perks and tips for Garnet and how to use the character in MultiVersus.

Surprisingly, Garnet possesses some of the strongest and most unique skill sets in the game and can fight very well. She’s a Bruiser, and if her skills and abilities are used correctly and to the fullest, she’s arguably the strongest candidate compared to all other characters.

She can give high damage to her opponents, and with some extra buffs added, she’ll be an absolute killer. Using Garnet as your main character and crushing battles with her in the initial stages entails her character level increasing and accessing various perks, ultimately benefitting your team.

Acquiring offensive, defensive, or utility perks alongside the daily training of your characters completely transforms them in a battle, and they get hard to defeat, regardless of how tanky the opponent is.

Best Perks for Garnet in MultiVersus

Perks help increase the damage output, speed, evasiveness, and projectiles your character unleashes. Moreover, some perks are exclusive to certain characters, meaning you only get to have them and strategize them according to your play style.

While there are plenty of perk options for Garnet, and you can choose any if you want to, some suits her Bruiser playstyle better than other. With playing back and forth with this badass character, below are the top recommended perks for Garnet in MultiVersus.

Signature Perk: Electric Groove and Marker

Starting with Electric Groove, it is actually a signature perk for Garnet and suits her Bruiser Class the best. When this perk is equipped, it lets her shock her enemies, and when she uses her Signing Barrier, Garnet and her allies gain stacks of Rhythm.

As soon as Rhythm is granted, it gives her and the allies a boost of speed alongside a boost on armor break on melee attacks with 1 or 2 stacks. This perk perfectly complements her already unique skill set by powering up her attack, mobility, and damage output.

Another Signature perk that Garnet possesses is Marker. When this perk is active, rocket gauntlets will spawn her Marker at their location when they are damaged. However, they will not spawn if it is on cooldown

Perk Slot 1: Percussive Punch Power

Another top perk recommendation would be Percussive Punch Power. It is a great perk for horizontal-based characters. With Garnet having various horizontal attacks, it works out perfectly for her as well.

The output and performance of attacks are dramatically increased when this perk is active. And when paired with Garnet’s grounded side attacks, the effects are increased by 5%. This makes her a solo powerhouse during battles and let’s her pierce through any enemy.

Perk Slot 2: Static Electricity

Just like Electric Groove, Static Electricity also adds electric shocks to your projectile attacks once your allies are on the ground for four seconds.

Although the perk does require you to be on the ground, the shock can be built to be even more harmful and equivalent to what Electric Groove has to offer. It is a great way to initiate massive damage during fights and make it hard for opponents to recover fast.

Perk Slot 3: Make It Rain, Dog!

If you don’t like close encounters with your enemies but still like to shred them apart completely, this perk suits your playstyle.

It helps players get a boost on their projectile attacks and increases the damage for it. Garnet has two types of projectile attacks, an electric charge, and her gloves.

Using them and buffing them up with this perk makes them extra special moves, and you can easily ace any fight scenarios when backed up by these. Not only does this perk allows for stunning the target, but it also helps give the projectile a 20% speed boost, and when allies use it, it surges up to 25%.

Perk Slot 4: Speed Force Assist

Although Garnet is an all-rounder, she lacks in the mobility area. In addition, due to the high-performing attacks she uses, she ends up needing an extended recovery period.

To overcome this, Speed Force Assist becomes an instant need. It helps Garnet by increasing her base speed by 4% in single matches; when she’s in team matches, it goes up by 8%.

Garnet Tips

Now that you’ve learned about all the best perks for Garnet, here are some tips that will help you win various battles¬† in MultiVersus while using Garnet as your main character.

Although Garnet is one of the strongest characters in the game, getting a grip on her is not as hard as you may think. With some practice, you should easily be able to operate with her in intense close combats.

Since she is a Bruiser character, she is great for close encounters with opponents. But she’s also more versatile than that. She has powerful range punches, and adding buff that compliments them can make these even more intense.

Garner retains both Horizontal and Vertical damage options. This makes her absolutely tough and hard to deal with during battles. In addition, she’s not an instant reactor on the field; she lets the enemies pull out their moves while she charges to unleash an Armored Attack on them. This makes her unpredictable and authoritative.

Moreover, Garnet also has Spark of Love, Gem Dash, and Rocket Fist in her tool kit. This expands her options even more than the average Bruiser technical tools options.

Although she lacks in the easy combos areas and does not have much to offer, she acquires the Crystal Combo. This basically performs three functions in one and is the best fight response.

Using her ability to chase enemies while being air keeps her safe and hard to dodge. Using this during enemy encounters becomes especially very helpful.

If you are a fan of Edge Guarding, using Garnet would also be your best choice. Her unique skill set ensures you will be completely knocking out the enemies on the field effortlessly. Moreover, she can also handle getting Edge Guarded very well as well. Her moves can reverse it and take the upper hand back in the battle.

With her side special, Garnet can send out her gauntlets as a Projectile and produce high damage output. This is especially really great when you want to completely knock out an enemy or push them away from the platform.

And with the down special, Garnet can leave a star marker wherever she’s on the field, and if she gets knocked out or dragged off, she can input to zip and come back to safety and avoid losing stacks.

Finally, when the neutral special is charged, Garnet will dance for a few seconds. Dancing provides her and the allies a couple of buffs. That includes getting speeds and getting strong melee attacks that break through armor.

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