Best Perks And Tips For Finn In MultiVersus

Finn basically plays more of a supporting style. He is best known for setting up traps or increasing the power of your team. He is a team guy who will support you in all aspects.

The following guide will help you pick the best perks for Finn in MultiVersus.

Best Perks For Finn In MultiVersus

Signature Perk: Going Out Of Business
Finn’s signature perk gives you a discount of 200 gold on everything available at his shop. The discount only lasts 10 seconds every time his ally is knocked out but becomes permanent when Finn reaches 100 damage.

This perk might seem unimportant on the surface but when your backs are to the wall, make no mistake that the special discount comes in handy to purchase items for survival.

Perk Slot 1: WildCat Brawler
This perk helps boost melee attacks made by your entire team by 5 percent. Do note that this perk only works for melee attacks made on the ground, not in the air.

Hence, make sure that you pick the right ally to side with Finn to make the most of his perks. Furthermore, Finn’s charged attacks are possible on the ground only, making this perk all the more useful.


Perk Slot 2: Speed Force Assist
This is a utility perk that grants a 4 percent increased movement speed to Finn and his ally. This is an important perk to have because Finn needs all the mobility possible to stay out of reach while charging his attacks.

Perk Slot 3: Painted Target
This is another supporting perk. It allows your team to do 5% increased damage to a painted enemy but only when they are in a state of hit-stun. The state ensures that enemies cannot dodge your attacks.

Finn Tips

  • One of Finn’s main supportive abilities is to deflect projectiles. Make sure to use those skills to catch enemies off-guard.
  • You can use the BMO chop which can damage players with health even less than 75% so don’t waste this glorious opportunity.
  • Use Finn’s up special and air up special as your main attacks. It can have more effect on your enemies if you possess more coins and both these moves are KO so use them.

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