MultiVersus Tier List: Best Characters

The first season of MultiVersus has finally begun, and a meta has already taken form in its community. MultiVersus does a good job of balancing the strengths and weaknesses of its 18 characters, but there are still a few characters that shine above the rest.

To help you figure out which characters you should and should not use in MultiVersus, we’ve prepared this MultiVersus Tier List for you where we’ll be listing down the best characters in the game.

MultiVersus Best Characters Tier List

In the Tier List below, we’ve ranked all 18 MultiVersus characters from best to worst. The character rankings have been done based on a combination of different factors, like damage output, utility, dexterity, special attack effectiveness etc.

S Tier Wonder Woman, Bugs Bunny, Finn
A Tier Batman, Shaggy, Superman
B Tier Harley Quinn, Velma, , Jake the Dog, LeBron James, Morty, Taz
C Tier Garnet, Iron Giant, Tom & Jerry, Arya Stark
D Tier Reindog, Steven Universe

Now that you’re up to speed with our MultiVersus Tier List, let’s dive into the strengths and weaknesses of each character so you can get a better understanding of their ranking on the Tier List.

S Tier

The S Tier characters in MultiVersus are Wonder Woman, Bugs Bunny and Finn.

Wonder Woman

In the current stage of the game, Wonder Woman is arguably the most powerful character in MultiVersus.


Her role in MultiVersus is that of a Tank, and she completely excels at this role. Her job in the arena is to tank damage and provide armor to her allies. Not only is she able to do this job exceptionally well, she can also easily hold her own in the arena when it comes to pumping out damage.

But one thing to keep in mind is that if you want to maximize Wonder Woman’s damage and utility potential, you need to have a good synergy with your ally. If there is a great synergy between your team, Wonder Woman will become a force to be reckoned with.

Bugs Bunny

Bugs Bunny was easily the most broken character in the early access version of MultiVersus. Since then, he has received quite a few nerfs and tweaks which have made him less powerful.

However, Bugs Bunny is still one of the best characters in the game and is incredibly popular in the current meta of the game.

The reason why Bugs Bunny is so powerful is because of his moveset. His moveset is undoubtedly the most annoying moveset to be up against. When you’re in melee range, Bugs will take out a bat and smash you in the face with it. When you’re fighting from a distance, Bugs will take out a giant ACME Rocket and send it flying straight towards you.

Because of his elite moveset, Bugs can absolutely dominate his opponents in the arena.


Finn is a very beginner-friendly character, but that does not mean that he’s any less powerful than the other S Tier characters in our list.

Finn’s biggest strength is his sword. This sword of his gives him insane reach for a melee character. His range makes him a very versatile character.

Another incredible feature Finn has is his ability to character an attack while he’s moving. This ability of his can be abused to bait people into using their dodge for no reason.

A Tier

The A-Tier characters in MultiVersus are Batman, Shaggy and Superman.


Like Bugs Bunny, Batman also has one of the best movesets in the game. His attacks offer him incredible mobility, allowing him to easily get within melee range of the opponent. And if you’re fighting from far range, his Batarangs will make quick work of the enemy.

Batman used to be an S Tier character, but due to the recent nerfs to his Batarang (increased cooldown), he has moved down to A Tier. Nevertheless, he’s still one of the best characters in MultiVersus.


Shaggy is one of the most powerful characters in MultiVersus when it comes to his raw damage output. His attacks deliver insanely high damage, having the potential to knock out enemies before they even reach 100%.

And that’s without his Super Saiyan form. When Shaggy goes into his pseudo-Super Saiyan form, his damage increases and he starts inflicting Weaken on the opponent. So if you want a pure damage-based character, Shaggy might be what you’re looking for.


Being the Man of Steel, Superman has incredibly high defenses and is one of the speediest characters in the game. But surprisingly, his damage output is not all that special.

You might find it a bit disappointing, but Superman is basically a cheese character in MultiVersus. His entire playstyle revolves around landing his side-special grab. This attack of his can easily knock out enemies if they’re not in the center of the ring.

So if you pick Superman, you have to master his side-special grab to be able to maximize his potential.

B Tier

Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn is an Assassin-type character in MultiVersus and she does her job quite well. Being an Assassin, she’s a glass cannon character that needs to be played to perfection; otherwise she can easily be knocked out.

Her moveset is quite fun to play with, but her low defenses and slow animations stop her from being able to keep up with the best characters of MultiVersus.


Velma is another one of those characters which only shine if they have good synergy with their teammate. Velma is a support character who specializes in ranged attacks.

So when it comes to melee attacks, Velma leaves a lot to be desired. But if Velma has a good Assassin/Fighter teammate that can do the melee work for her, she can be quite useful in MultiVersus.

Jake the Dog

Just like his buddy Finn, Jake the Dog is a melee character whose attacks have great range. His stretchy body allows him to land melee attacks on his opponent without even having to get close to them.

However, a big downside of Jake is his attack animations. His attack animations are quite slow, making them very easy to dodge. So if you want to perform well with Jake, you’ll need to time your attacks perfectly.

LeBron James

LeBron James is one of the most unique characters in MultiVersus. He comes into the arena with a basketball in his hands. He can use this basketball to perform melee attacks and also bounce it off of opponents to get a rebound.

He has a great moveset, with his attacks being quite difficult to dodge. But if he loses his basketball during the match, he won’t be able to get it back. His attacks will then become very slow and easy to dodge.


Morty is the latest addition to the MultiVersus roster. He’s a well-balanced character which doesn’t really have any big downside to him. He comes with high HP, defense and speed.

Since he’s just been added to the game, it’d be unwise to already call him one of the top-tier characters. But as the meta of MultiVersus progress, Morty will likely move up in the ranks.


In the beta version of MultiVersus, Taz was easily the most annoying character to play against. His Tornado Spin attack was practically unblockable. Since then, he’s bene nerfed quite a bit, which is why he’s so far down this list. But that said, Taz is still a very fun character to play with and he has a great damage output.

C Tier

The C Tier characters in MultiVersus are Garnet, Iron Giant, Tom & Jerry and Arya Stark.


Garnet is a Bruiser-type character in MultiVersus. Her job is to mow down her opponents, but she’s not particularly good at it. Her biggest weakness is her slow attack animations.

This makes her attacks very easy to evade, which goes against the whole idea of her archetype. She does compensate for this by dealing a very impressive amount of damage, but it still doesn’t make up for her slow movement.

Iron Giant

The Iron Giant lives up to his name in MultiVersus. He has a very intimidating presence in the arena. His moveset comprises great kicks and slams which can rock the opponents… if they manage to land.

Due to his crazy size, the Iron Giant has a massive hitbox and very slow movement. This makes it very hard for the Iron Giant to dodge attacks; and very easy to opponents to land attacks on him.

Tom & Jerry

To play with Tom & Jerry, you have to plan out your attacks way before you even attempt them. Unlike most characters, you can’t just randomly spam attacks with Tom & Jerry and hope to deal damage.

If you want to deal any sort of meaningful damage with Tom & Jerry, you’ll have to position them meticulously around the arena to set up attacks.

This makes Tom & Jerry easily the most difficult character(s) to play with in MultiVersus. And even if you master their playstyle, they still aren’t as good as the S and A tier characters.

Arya Stark

Arya Stark is an Assassin-type character that has an amazing damage output, but she’s also a glass cannon.

Arya Stark’s biggest weakness is the fact that most of her attacks only deal damage to a single target. So Arya Stark pretty much only performs well if she’s up against only one enemy.

That said, she’s a completely skill-based character. If you manage to master her moveset, it’s possible for her to perform well against multiple opponents. You’ll just have to play very strategically.

D Tier

The D Tier characters in MultiVersus are Reindog and Steven Universe.


As you can probably tell from his cute and cuddly appearance, Reindog is not much of a fighter. He’s a Support type character whose entire moveset revolves around supporting his ally.

Reindog’s support abilities are fantastic, but he doesn’t have much going for himself. If the opponents start targeting Reindog, they’ll be able to make quick work of him. This makes him one of the most underpowered characters in MultiVersus.

Steven Universe

Steven Universe is quite similar to Reindog. He acts as a Support type character who has some nifty abilities up his sleeve.

His most useful ability is his Bubble Shield. He can spawn a temporary Bubble Shield around himself and his teammate, protecting them from all kinds of attacks.

But just like Reindog, Steven Universe has next to nothing going for himself when it comes to damage. His attacks have a painfully short range and they deal a very underwhelming amount of damage. If you want a Support type character, Steven Universe is definitely not the best choice