Multiple Dying Light 2 Playthroughs Will Be Needed To Get The Full Experience

Now that Dying Light 2 has been announced at E3 2018, we’re starting to learn a lot more about the game before it comes out. For instance, we’ll apparently need multiple Dying Light 2 playthroughs to get the full experience of the game due to its decision system that affects in-game events.

Dying Light 2 will apparently be a great deal darker than the original Dying Light game, as the undead plague has spread outside the first game’s setting of Harran and has devastated society. This leaves us with the unenviable job of picking up the pieces, which will cause us to have to make a number of decisions.

We got information on how at least one of these paths would go when the game got its E3 2018 presentation, mainly dealing with where you can get fresh water and how to do it. Simply killing a group that has a lot of water to give would get you the water, but rob you of a trading partner and cause another organization to come in and, while they offer security, does not tolerate descent. The other option is more diplomatic, but still causes conflict as other people try to muscle in on your turf.

Each of these things will allow players to have their own version of the city that the game takes place in, taking their own decisions to reach how it ends.

Considering it’s a game that has Chris Avellone as a narrative designer, the amount of choices requiring multiple Dying Light 2 playthroughs isn’t actually that much of a surprise, as many of Avellone’s games revolve around various narrative-changing choices.

The original Dying Light got pretty positive reviews when it first came out, and even eventually got a Battle Royale-esque multiplayer game mode, so hopefully with the various changes we’ve gotten will work well with the rest of the game, and it will be interesting enough that multiple Dying Light 2 playthroughs will actually be done by most of the players that buy the game.