MSI X299 Motherboard Teased, 4-way SLI Supported

We know that Intel is picking up the pace and is going to be releasing products ahead of the originally planned schedule. Intel is doing so in order to tackle the AMD Ryzen threat. There is little that we know about the X299 platform but the MSI X299 motherboard has been teased and some major claims have been made.

As of right now, we know that the MSI X299 motherboard will be for enthusiasts that want nothing but the best. This motherboard will support Intel Kaby Lake-X as well as Skylake-X CPUs. The motherboard will also feature the LGA 2066 socket. The MSI X299 motherboard will also feature support for 4-way SLI.

Even if you have 4 PCIe express lanes I do not think that people will be stuffing in 4 graphics cards. Nvidia has made it clear that they do not recommend using more than 2 in SLI. There are other things that could take advantage of the PCIe express lanes. As this is an enthusiast motherboard, it would not be surprising if people get Intel Optane memory to go with it.

“I think Intel is definitely acting differently since the launch of Ryzen, and that a big show at Computex 2017 next month will be an interesting time if the once almost too confident Intel is pushed into a corner. It’ll only see them drop prices and compete in a way we have probably never seen before from the company, and now that AMD has shown us some massive IPC improvements from Ryzen, AMD are only going to fight back with 12C/24T, 16C/32T at a rumored $999, and even 32C/64T variants of its next-gen processors”.

AMD has the upper hand when it comes to core count as compared to price and Intel is looking to make a comeback with the upcoming products that we have talked about here.

Let us know what you think about the MSI X299 motherboard that we have talked about here.

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