Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord Settlements Guide

Building and looking after your own settlement is a crucial element of Mount & Blade II, as you can’t even progress through the main missions without it. To understand more about the settlement or base system in the game, we have this Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord Settlements guide for you.

Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord Settlements

To help you build up and manage your own settlement in Bannerlord, we’ve prepared this guide to walk you through the process of doing so.

How to Get Your Own Settlement
There are a few different ways to go about owning your own settlement in Mount & Blade II. A popular method of doing so is by joining a new kingdom. You’ll then have to work hard for them, which will involve doing missions and fighting their enemies.

After a long period of working for this kingdom, you’ll be rewarded with a castle or a town. This method works but the problem is that it just takes way, way too long to finally get your own settlement. The following method is far superior.

The most efficient way to get your own settlement is simply by just taking over a small castle. The mission which requires you to get the settlement can be completed even if you acquire a small castle, instead of a massive city.

To be able to do this, you first have to be at war with a faction. This can be done easily by just raiding a small village close by.

Now, find a small castle and check to see if you can handle all their defenders. Now, start the Siege Camp and prepare yourself to fight the army that will come to stop you.

Just because it’s a small castle doesn’t mean this battle is going to be super easy, so prepare properly.

Remember to demolish the walls by constructing Siege Weaponry to finish the battle quicker. During the battle, they’ll release the full Garrison accompanied by an army, so try to find a castle with a weak Garrison to raid.

After you beat the Siege, this castle will become your own settlement and the mission to own an imperial or non-imperial settlement with by completed.

How to Take Care of Settlement Food
Feeding your citizens properly plays a huge role in increasing their morale. If you just got the settlement and you notice the food is going into the negatives, you should take immediate action.

Start off by putting some Denar into the reserve to boost building speeds. Now, try to get the Granary option up to level 3. And the most important part: choose the Irrigation Daily Default option.

Since you just got your hands on the settlement, things will be messed up for a short while. If you follow all the steps above and are still having food problems, don’t stress too much over it. Once the citizens get comfortable under the new rule, this problem will go away