Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord Family Feud Quest Guide

The Family Feud quest in Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord is definitely packed with some interesting details for you to uncover. In this guide, we will go over the complete Family Feud mission in Mount and Blade 2.

Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord Family Feud Quest

In the Family Feud quest, you have been confronted to take care of an issue regarding two families, where an individual from one of these families has killed someone from the other family in an accident. Even though Blood Money is being offered, Lamenon of Spotia has refused to agree on any such terms.

You must bring things down to acceptable terms and not let the tension between the two families elevate.

Key Characters

  • Themestios of Saldannis
  • Camnon of Saldannis
  • Lamenon of Spotia

Favorable Outcome
The outcome we are hoping for in this quest is to prevent any sort of bloodshed in this quest. A truce between both parties must be achieved, and for that, we will be guiding you through which options to select throughout the quest so you may achieve the optimal results.

Press Alt to locate all three of the characters you will be focusing on in this quest.

Themestios of Saldannis
Once Themestios asks for your help regarding the danger of the events transpiring around both families, head on down to Nortos.

Talk to Nortos, who will be seemingly scared at first to talk to you; assure him by telling him that you are aware of the entire situation thanks to Themestios. He will ask you if you can protect him; to which you will agree and ask him to come with you to Lamenon of Spotia so everything can be resolved peacefully. Eventually, you can persuade Nortos to come with.

Lamenon of Spotia
Immediately, Lamenon will show his disgust regarding Nortos’ presence. Be careful, whatever dialogue options you choose now will decide the outcome for Nortos. What best worked for us was to select the third option first, “And then same custom…….”, and then selecting the first option, “He says it was an accident……”.

Doing so will persuade Lamenon to spare the boy’s life.

Alternative Outcome
If you happened to select the wrong option, everyone around you will start attacking you and Nortos. Be careful as to not try and talk to Lamenon during the fight as it will bug the game and you will not be able to proceed any further with the quest.

Going through either of these outcomes will ultimately complete the quest and leave Nortos unharmed in the process; which means you will have fulfilled your promise.

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