Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord Early Game Money Making Tips

So money making is going to be a big part of the new Mount & Blade II and you would most definitely want your hands on those Denars. So here we have a complete guide for you with Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord early game Money Making Tips. We have some passive sources of income early in the game explained for you.

Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord Early Game Money Making Tips

There are a few things that you can do that are available early in the game and will help you get big on money, courtesy of Diliskar, here are those things.

Our first advice is looting, looting and looting. It is a very easy and fast way of money-making in the game. So what you need to do is find an army of looters or bandits and go hunting. All you need to do is keep your own party numbers low of around 20-30 person and go looting.

Keeping the numbers low will save you money and you will also be faster on to roam around the map to get more and more looters and if you are lucky you will find a party of bandits and this will give you quite some loot.

One extra advantage is that you also get prisoners and if you are fighting bandits you will get even better prisoners which will be helpful in money-making as well if you go and sell them in the city.

In questing you have a couple of open quests at the beginning:

Poaching Quest: So they are pretty easy and as we have mentioned earlier about looting, they are similar to that. You pick these quests in one town and then go to the marked place to kill the poachers for that town.

They are easy to kill and very similar to fight as of those looters so you will be good to go with 20-30 men and you are good to go. At the end of the poachers quests you will get around 1.2 Denars which is very good amount considering the effort which is almost nothing.

Thug Killing: It is also one of the best ways to get some extra cash for very little effort. All you need to do is get yourself to the thig den but before we recommend you to have at least one companion with you as it can be overwhelming sometimes.

Do make sure to have a weapon that can be worn in your civilian wear, get these two things and go to thigs den and talk to them and then proceed to fighting them.

First, they will be easy to fight off and then you will have to wait as the other thig group try to take your looting and kill them as well and you will be able to easily make a couple thousands of denars.

Find Someone’s Daughter: You can, as the name suggests, find a quest that says something like someone wants his daughter found and you can do that for them.

Keep in mind that this is a rare quest, but once you are accepted for the quest you will have to travel to the nearby village and walk through it to identify the daughter by pressing left Alt and then kill the abductor or bring the daughter back by persuading and you will get 1.6k Denars.

Deliver a Herd to Town: Another quest which is more common and the main objective is delivering someone’s lost animal herd to the town. In this quest, all you have to do is take a few of the wandering animals and deliver at least 50% of them back.

For this, travel to the marked place and get all the animals. An extra tip is to sell half of them as the requirement of the quest is 50% and this way you will get the full amount of quest plus the selling amount. In total, you will get about 1.5k denars by completing one quest.

Buying and Selling Stuff
Well, this all may seem boring at the start and might take you some time to get used to but first you need to find the villages with trading good on sales, you will find many villages that are specialized in trading goods such as iron ore, salt etc.

As you travel from across town, these are small villages that are not that obvious and you might ignore them. But sometimes they have very good items on sale at a very low price that you can buy and sell in a big town for much more money.

Most of the time, you will get more than double the price on which you bought something if you go and sell those goods in cities, so make sure to travel around different cities while selling the goods and try to get minimum of double the buying amount.

So now you have made some money as all the above-mentioned ways, now this workstations thing will let you invest this money to something that will give you very good return so this is now to keep your money flow going and increasing.

So what you need to do is when you have some money, go to any big city and talk to any of the workstation owners and ask him about buying the station.

He will give you a price of the shop which will range from 13k to 15k, which might seem too much at the time but you need to trust us on this one.

This will be the best investment early in the game when you don’t have any town to your name.

We recommend you to get a wood workshop as they give you the maximum return on investment but any would work. When a wood workshop is running to the max it will give you more than 200 denars per day.

This is a healthy amount of money per day without doing anything and as you increase your army you will need this constant flow of cash and these workstations will cover every need of your army.