Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord Captain Mode Guide

Just like the sergeant mode in the single-player mode of the game, the Captain mode is the Multiplayer counterpart. In this guide, we will explain Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord Captain Mode in detail for new players.

Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord Captain Mode

Captain Mode in Bannerlord allows players to lead their own detachment of AI troops in team-based PvP game mode. Command your troops and coordinate with your teammates to take on enemies and other players.

Let’s start by discussing the rules of your engagement with the enemy.

  • Each side can have up to six players for the match.
  • An average match will last you about 20 minutes.
  • This is round based games and a winner is selected on the basis of best of 5.
  • Each round lasts 5 minutes
  • Your objectives are either to kill all enemy troops or deplete their morale bar.

Captain Mode
You basically are an individual soldier that controls his own regiment or a number of forces. Now you have to fight and either defeat the enemy or capture three flags that are constantly on the move.

This is a strategy based multiplayer. And in as in any multiplayer game, communication is key. You and your team mates should know each other positions and know of the moves that each person will carry out.

In this way if your unit comes against an enemy that it is not suited to fight your allies can help you, communication can lead to successful ambushes, retreats and pushes that will win you the rounds. Otherwise, you will be just picked apart by the opposing side.

It is a good maneuver to use your infantryman to back the enemy in to a corner and have another team mate’s unit of ranged attackers with archers, etc. on standby to finish them off or fire on them as you help box them to a confined space.

Mix different class of warrior units, together. You can have six players on your team and that means you can have 6 different classes. Experiment with each type of unit to see who compliments whom.

First things first, your men must always follow you. Do not ask them to charge, do not ask them to hold a position, they just simply should follow you. And you should not get separated from them as tempting as it may be to roam around alone, it is deadly and nothing that happens in movies will happen and make you a legendary warrior.

Your safety and that of your men are interlinked, so stay with them as a lone unit is just a way to paint a big target on your head.

Cavalry should be used for small skirmishes. They are quick and can carve you a path use them to force open enemy lines or to fight short quick battles. Prolonged fighting will have them lose.

Do not take on archers head-on, find ways to skirt around or surprise them, a head-on charge will end up costing your more than the enemy. While you are using archers yourself and find an enemy heading for you, start firing if they do not have shields, usually in case of cavalry.

As your foot archers cant outrun cavalry units, it is better to stay and pick them off. If the charging unit is that of infantry, with shields, then slowly back away but keep your archers firing.

This will not only slow their approach but will have taken out a number of them and given you time to get to a better position or wait for your own reinforcements. Pikes and spears are good against cavalry charges.

There are three flags you can capture in the map, the flags usually follow the same pattern so far. One is in an easy to defend a position, but isolated from the rest of the map, one is on a hill and gives overwatch over the whole map, and the last one is the central flag.

A flag that is hard to get as most skirmishes happen near there. Although the other two locations are easy to acquire and to defend, players usually go for it.

When in actuality they should aim for the central flag as whose controls the center of the map ha the most ease of movements of his troops to reach anywhere there needs to be an ambush or if someone needs reinforcement, etc.

The game has heavy and light variants of each troop type. As it stands now with the AI of the soldiers you only stand to be at a disadvantage if you take light infantry, as it mean light armor and light damage and low survivability. They don’t have their real-life advantages ingrained into the AI of the game. So always use the heavy variants of cavalry, archers, infantrymen etc.

Then there are empires or factions whose troops you can use. As it currently stands we believe in the following order of strong faction with the strongest being number one and the weakest being last.

  • Sturgia
  • Vlandia
  • Empire
  • Aserai
  • Battania
  • Khuzait

Although your own personal play style counts a lot in what faction you can make the best use of. So enjoy and be the historic Warrior General you were meant to be

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