Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord Best Companions and Equipment Guide

Hiring recruits, training them and adding them to your army is at the essence of Bannerlords, but let it be said one person cannot do it all. That’s why there are unique characters or companions you can hire to help you manage your army. In this guide, we will give you an insight into all the Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord Best Companions and Equipment.

Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord Best Companions and Equipment

Companions in Mount and Blade 2 are crucial in helping you manage your land and administrative duties, to counter any weakness that you might have or to bring to your side any skills that might be lacking.

Although these companions are expensive, having one band of experienced companions is worth a few bands of regular soldiers.

How to find Companions in Bannerlord
Press ‘N’ to open the Encyclopedia and select the Heroes panel. Scroll down to the Occupation panel and select Wanderer.

Now see for yourself all the companions available to you and where they can be found. Select companions based on their back story, their specialties.

Once you have a companion in mind, this page will also have a timeline of where they’ve been. Use this to track them.

Companions are often on the move and if it’ll take a few days to reach a city, the companion might have moved on by the time you get there. Once you do get to city that has your target companion.

Go to the tavern district, any recruitable companions will be listed in the character panel at the top of the screen. Click their portrait to talk to them directly.

Here you can get to know them better and their hiring costs. You can make your offer for them to join you here.

The Best Companions
According to the current state of the game, companions are assigned traits and skills at random, so it doesn’t really matter who you go for.

The actual way to get the best companion is to instead consider what you go for.

Because each companion will have surnames attached to them that will describe the kind of abilities you can expect them to have.

Use this information to your advantage and go for the companion with exactly the set of skills that your army needs or which you require yourself and don’t want to invest in them, as any benefits they bring affects all of your party.

Some Important surnames and their relevant skills are:

  • the Healer-Medicine 60
  • the Golden-Tactics 100
  • the Prince-Roguery 140
  • the Smith-Smithing 60
  • Frostbeard-Scouting 80
  • the Falcon-Tactics 100
  • the Surgeon-Medicine 80
  • the Engineer-Engineering 80
  • the Swift-Steward 80
  • the Swordsman-Excels in weapon-related skills.
  • the Shieldmaiden-Excels in weapon-related skills.
  • the Swift-Trade 80, Steward 80, Roguery 100
  • the Spicevendor-Trade 100, Steward 80
  • Steward-Tax Collector (Lvl 25), Assessor (Lvl 225), Agrarian (Lvl 250), Reconstruction (Lvl 275)
  • Medicine-Pristine Streets (Lvl 150), Bush Doctor (Lvl 150), Physician of People (Lvl 200), Clean Infrastructure (Lvl 200)
  • Engineering-Construction Expert (Lvl 25), Improved Masonry (Lvl 100), Builder (Lvl 250), Everyday Engineer (Lvl 275)
  • Trade-Distributed Goods (Lvl 100), Toll Gates (Lvl 100), Villager Connections (Lvl 150), Content Trades (Lvl 150), Granary Accountant (Lvl 200), Tradeyard Foreman (Lvl 200)
  • Leadership-Stiff Upper Lip (Lvl 75), Gratitude (Lvl 75), Drill Master (Lvl 150), Citizen Militia (Lvl 150), Public Talker (Lvl 200), Inspiring Warrior (Lvl 200)

Equipping Companions
As in hiring the right companion, equipment should be given based on the role you intend for your companion.

For example for a companion with good archery skills, give them a bow and arrow, for those with good one-armed skills give them one-handed weapons.

If they are serving in your army as fighters make sure to equip every companion with a melee weapon, a ranged weapon, and a shield. They can make use of it in tough spots but focus on their strengths.

You can do this by pressing ‘C’ or ‘I’, you’ll open either the character panel or inventory. This will display your main character, but near their name at the top of the screen you’ll see arrows you can use to cycle between the companions. Use this interface for leveling them up equipping items etc.

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