Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord Beginner Tips

Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord can be rather tricky or even difficult for beginners to get acquainted and comfortable with, in the early stages. Read our Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord Beginner Tips and Tricks on the various aspects of the game.

Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord Beginner Tips

Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord happens to be a very peculiar game, especially for those who haven’t run into its predecessor yet. The game requires its players to be strategic and have a good sense of role-playing as well.

Choosing a Faction
You will need to pick a Culture/Faction for your character before you begin to create them. There are six different factions to choose from: Khuzaits, Aserai, Sturgians, Empire, Battanians and Vlandians.

Starting with a particular culture will grant you certain buffs and bonuses which can be very helpful in the early-on.

Empire allows a 20 percent construction speed bonus. This can be helpful for town projects, repair work for walls and siege engines. This faction will offer you an increased resistance in the late game.

This faction will allow you a 10 percent speed bonus for horsemen a campaign map. Khuzaits can also be useful for inexpensive and rather decent cavalry units.

Allow your party to move 10 percent faster than the others for whenever you’re at Forest biomes.

This allows you to have a 20 percent less effect on your hindered moving speed whenever you’re on snow, as compared to the other cultures.

Joining this faction will allow you to have a 20 percent more upgrade xp for the troops in each battle that you fight. This allows you to level up your troops a lot faster. If you’re into fighting frequently, go for this faction.

This faction will allow Caravans to be 30 percent cheaper alongside a 10 percent decrease in the trade penalties. If you’ve started as a tradesperson/merchant, you should definitely opt for this faction.

Attribute Points and Skills
There are 6 attributes in the game: Control, Social, Cunning, Vigor, Intelligence, Endurance. After every 3 levels that you pass, you will get an attribute point.

These attribute points can be utilized in leveling up any one of your 6 attributes.

This can allow you to know how people can be motivated. Thus, this attribute will allow you to earn more money if you’re a trader.

This attribute allows you to be more physically active since it’ll let you perform activities like sprinting or horse riding for longer durations.

Allows you to be better in melee combat.

This allows you to read and study, which will eventually enable you to become a medic, an engineer or a steward. Medicine allows you to heal faster, and thus fight more than usual.

This allows you to be better in ranged combat.

This attribute allows you to predict what other characters may do, and then have certain plans to counter theirs.

Recruit Troops!
You will end up being a prisoner if you don’t keep solders with you. The groups of bandits who’ll be strolling around the towns to loot people who travel in small groups or aren’t quite well equipped with weaponry.

You will need to roam around villages and get soldiers into the party. Once you have around 20 soldiers, you will easily be able to complete the earlier quests in the game.

Recruiting soldiers can be challenging in the start as the NPCs from different areas do not give you complete access to their pool right off the bat.

So, what you’re required to do is to better the relationship that you have with the NPCs by completing different quests. Before you get to that point, you will have to roam around and travel a lot to get your team at par with the required levels.

If you can’t get the most out of what you desire from wherever you’re located, consider moving to another town. This may be because you might have messed up with the authorities or the locals over here, or you’re just not feeling like it here. If that ever happens, you can just relocate to another place!

The kingdoms will not differ much when it comes to how their infrastructure and lifestyle is. So never hesitate to relocate yourself to a newer place, especially if you’re into trading goods, because in that case, you will want to have your business set up in multiple kingdoms and localities.

Avoid Realistic Difficulty
In Bannerlord, you can vary your difficulty settings much to much more specific details and levels than how the mainstream games have it. This means that you can actually change details like how much damage you or your units can take instead of just changing the difficulty level globally.

There will be three difficulty levels to select from: very easy, easy, and realistic. Realistic happens to be a difficulty level that’s a substitute for the usual hard difficulty level.

If you’re a beginner, realistic is definitely not the path for you to take, since you’ll end up dying with one or two blows from the enemies.

Enable Death
This is an option that will allow you to face consequences for your actions. It will allow named characters such as you and those you recruit, to die. Though you will still have a saved file for yourself, so you do not have to worry too much.

Also, whenever you’re usually defeated, you will be taken as a prisoner. You will, however, be allowed to buy yourself out of the prison or maybe even escape.

Fight in Tournaments
Initially, you’ll be broke in the game and it’s generally very hard to get around with money, in Bannerlord, or even in real-life! This is precisely why you can opt to fight in tournaments if you’re good at combat.

Winning tournaments can get you quite a lot of money, along with some rare items as well. With money, you can establish a clan and allow yourself to increase your fame.

Tournaments are also a good way to try new weapons and practice fighting! The Tournament Master in the arena will tell you the whereabouts of any tournaments if they’re occurring in the vicinity.

Shields Help!
If you’re new to the game, you might not even possess the skill required to fight using both of your hands. As there are various weapons that require the double-handed skill. Thus, you can always opt to go with a sword and shield in the other hand if you’re new to the forte.

The shield can help you greatly if you’re outnumbered. The shield tends to block just as much as everything if you’re holding the block key while facing your enemies. However, shields also tend to break so you’ll need to be wary of that.

Keep Your Food Stacked
Your recruits, alongside you, will eat from your inventory on each day. Thus, you will need to have the required amount of food supplies stacked in the inventory to survive for whatever journey you’re on.

The counter that’s displayed on the bottom-right side of the screen will notify you about the number of days that you will survive with the food supplies that you have. Make sure that you have supplies that can feed you for 4-5 days at least.

The type of food that you have stored up will also have an effect on your party’s morale. So probably not going to want to resort to grains even if you can afford better food like meat or butter.

This will give you boosted morale and you will be able to travel and fight a lot faster and better. If the morale is quite low, your units will begin to leave you so you can try and win their morale back by offering them delicious food.

You can pull up the encyclopedia in Bannerlord by pressing ‘N’. The encyclopedia will basically have knowledge about everything that you might face in any of your adventures.

It is a big source of information for all kingdoms along with the notable personalities that reside over there, and even information about their relationships with other people.

This can be very helpful for you if you’re looking to get into politics in the game. You can easily get diplomatic over here once you have your hands on this information.

You can also use the encyclopedia to get information about the kingdoms and their histories, so that you’re up to date with whatever’s been happening around.

Travelling and Speed Maneuvering
Every unit will have a set movement speed, and this will be a very important factor. How you maneuver, catch or escape from an enemy unit will be highly dependent on your relative moving speeds. Your party’s movement speeds can be modified from the controls on the bottom-right corner of the screen.

If you’re quick on judging speeds early on, it will allow you to get quick and easy loot or catch and find enemies that are relatively more difficult to face.

You need to be aware of the fact that if there’s a certain difference between the speed of the enemy that you’re after and to that of yours, you will not be able to catch them if you’re the one at the disadvantage unless you have like a horse or something. So, save yourself from wasting your food supplies if that’s the case. Go ahead and check the speed stats of your enemies.

Whenever you’re traveling to catch enemies, make sure that you make stopovers at the nearby kingdoms so that you can look for items here or even recruit members to your party. This will allow you to gain more renown.

Be Careful While Accepting Quests
While doing quests is great for a lot of things in the game, but you need to be aware of the fact that each quest will render you hated by people, injured, and even broke. If you do not complete the quests that you’ve started, the quest giver will not be too fond of you.

As a beginner, you should avoid quests that feature fights, especially those in which you may end up facing cavalries. Lean towards accepting quests that require you to travel around and take goods with you.

Hunt for Looters
You should focus on hunting down some looters as they’re rather easier enemies to pick on and they will grant you the money, XP, the fame, and the morale. All four of what you’re really looking to get your hands on in the early game. The looters also have certain items and food stocked on themselves which can prove to be very helpful for you.

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