The Most Popular PUBG Streamer Teams Up With A Hacker To Cheat, Now Banned For A Month

If you follow the news regarding PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, or if you are a fan of the game, then you would be familiar with one of the most popular PUBG Streamer, Michael Grzesiek aka “Shroud”. What you might find interesting is the fact that this player, apparently teamed up with a hacker to be able to cheat in the game. Of course, got caught and now has been banned for a month.

The ban was implemented on the player, after the incident when he broadcasted himself playing on Twitch. Since the Shroud has a massive following on Twitch, this incident could not stay indoors and was noticed by the developers.

What this popular PUBG Streamer did was that he teamed up with a hacker, who apparently was good at what he did and together they both hacked the PUBG client, which allowed Shroud to fly cars in the game. Then what happened was that Shroud was being dropped off at different locations on the map, using those flying cars.

Which of course, sounds hilarious and outrageous but apparently that is the case. His steam video is available for everyone to see.

That said, in response to this ban, Shroud said:

“I was trying to have a good time. Obviously, I knew what the fuck I was doing. It seemed like a great idea, but it wasn’t a great idea. I’m sorry to you guys that are really upset, I was just trying to have some fun. I knew exactly what was doing and making a mistake. I can still play PUBG, I just can’t play on my account.”

Well, one thing is pretty obvious that he definitely knew what he was doing, and he is courageous enough to admit, what he did was wrong and apologize for his mistake. Be that as it may, his ban for a month does show the seriousness of the developers, for those who cheat in the game, no matter what the reason.

With that said, what about the PUBG Sanhok Map that rolled out recently? Did you like this new map? Because the developers have been working pretty hard on it.

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