Mortgage Company Tells Real-Time Cost Of Video Game Property Including A House in Skyrim

It certainly feels compelling to have your own piece of land but nowadays the gaming community certainly seems more interested in knowing what would it cost to have a house in Skyrim or Zelda, for instance. A top UK brokerage firm by the name of London & Country Mortgages seemed to have learned that the question to buy a house in Skyrim was posted more often than to buy a house in the like of London or even America. Following this tendency to know the cost of video game property L&C Mortgages decided to figure out and convey the real-time prices of video game property. Now, you can actually know what a house in Skyrim would cost in today’s world.

London & Country Mortgages have posted an in-depth analysis of video game property on their website. However, we will be discussing the highlighting element of this study conducted by L&C.

A typical house in Skyrim will cost you around 5000 Septims. This amount would exchange into $12,476 or £9,242 in the present days. However, if we take the situation to a more realistic side, it could turn out to be totally different in price. Breezehome in Whiterun was found to be 1900 square feet by GeekifyInc. Now, a realty online store named Zillow tells us that the median price per square foot in $150. Remeber that this is the median price and not the average price, hence prices can vary in large numbers according to locations.

After these estimations, we find the price of a house in Skyrim in real-time would be $285,000 or £224,486. From this, we can easily conclude that that in-game house is Skyrim is coming off rather cheap to us.

To know more about video game property do check out the analysis by L&C. It includes games like GTA, Fallout, Zelda, and others of such sort.

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Source: GamesRadar

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