Mortal Shell Weltcap Farming Guide

In Mortal Shell, Weltcaps are one of the basic healing items available in the game. This Mortal Shell Weltcap Farming guide covers farming for them and also includes the locations where you can easily find the small mushrooms.

These mushrooms make up for their meager healing power with their abundance.

Mortal Shell Weltcap Farming

Weltcaps are found in several places over the game; Once you’ve harvested these at a particular location, you will have to wait for 5 minutes before you can harvest it again.

Weltcap Locations
You can start by heading to the Fallgrim Tower and exit the place by using the backdoor that’s located near Sester Genessa.

Head to your right after you’ve exited the tower and you will find the Weltcap by the logs.

There will be some grunts here that you will have to pass after which you will have to head through the swamp. There will be a couple of Weltcaps located near the camp.

Head back to the swamp and go left where you will follow a path. Head straight until you run into the Inscription Rock.

The path that extends to your right will have a lantern. Take this path and head past the chest and the next lantern.

You will come across a grunt who will be playing the lute alongside two more Weltcaps.

After you’ve dealt with the enemies, you will have to head to another area by using the crawl space to your left.

You will see bats on the trees. There will be a Weltcap behind the large tree here.

There will be a path located behind this tree. Tread on this path and across the camp with the three enemies.

After reaching the Fallgrim Outskirts, you will have to search for the Weltcap at the left side of the farm. Collect the Weltcap and head back to the first Weltcap spawn at Fallgrim Tower.

You will notice that the Weltcap will have respawned by then which is why you can repeat this process of searching for 7 Weltcaps at different locations and farm Weltcaps easily.

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