Mortal Shell Tarnished Seal Abilities Guide

Mortal Shell introduces players to the parrying mechanic early-on in the game. Parrying is done using the Tarnished Seal found early in the game once you free the Old Prisoner. Using the Mortal Shell Tarnished Seal, you can parry enemies and deal a burst of damage.

Mortal Shell Tarnished Seal Abilities

Parrying with the Tarnished Seal is a high-risk move, but learning to perform it correctly will allow you to gain the edge in all your combat encounters.

You can unlock various abilities for the Tarnished Seal to give you additional bonuses on every successful riposte.

Note that you may only have one ability active at a time.

Parrying with the Tarnished Seal

Once you have the Tarnished Seal by your side, you can parry different opponents by tapping your LB or L1 at just the right moment.

A successful parry will stagger your enemy and allow you to counter with a heavy blow which is known as an Empowered Riposte.

To perfectly parry, you need to understand WHEN the parry happens. As soon as you press LB and L1, it’ll take roughly half a second for your character to lift up the Tarnished Seal.

If the enemy hits you during this, they will be staggered, leaving them open to damage.

Tarnished Seal Upgrades

Solemn Offering (Health Upgrade)
The healing effect of the Tarnished Seal can be improved for up to a total of three times.

You can find Solemn Offering in the following locations.

  • Abandoned Chamber, inside a chest under the Awaken Sester Genessa after you defeat the Enslaved Grisha.
  • Monument of Ash, on the room that has a door leading to the Temple Grounds. It’s in a chest in the corner of the room being guarded by an Unburning Flesh and Brigands.
  • Eternal Narthex. Head to the area on the right. Underneath the ramp is a teleporter by the torch. Use it to find a chest containing the final Solemn Offering.

Forbidden Offering (Resolve Acquisition Boost)
You can boost the amount of Resolve you gain after a riposte by using Forbidden Offering.

You can purchase a Forbidden Offering from Corrupted Sester for 3000.


Healing Seal Infusion
Using an Empowered Riposte will heal you.

The ability is automatically acquired when you first receive the Seal from the Old Prisoner in the starting area.

Inflamed Seal Infusion
This ability will allow you to plant a charged lava onto enemies that you successfully parry.

Location: You can find Inflamed Gland from the Shrine of Ash, which you can give to the Old Prisoner to get the Inflamed Seal Infusion.

Knotted Seal Infusion
Empower your Tarnished Seal with Resolve. A successful parry will freeze time.

Location: Grab the Knotted Gland from the Seat of Infinity and deliver it to the Old Prisoner to upgrade your Tarnished Seal.

Crystalline Seal Infusion
Unleash your true form upon your enemies after a successful parry.

Location: Grab the Crystalline Gland from the Crypt of Martyrs, and deliver it to the Old Prisoner to acquire this new ability.

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