Mortal Shell Shrine of Ash Walkthrough

In Mortal Shell, there are a total of three distinct locations you can go to from Fallgrim and The Shrine of Ash is one of them. We have prepared a detailed Mortal Shell Shrine of Ash Walkthrough to help with this area.

Mortal Shell Shrine of Ash

While you could go to any of the three areas first, going to the Shrine of Ash would be best for a beginner as the boss is easier than the other two.

Entrance to the Shrine of Ash
The first part consists of Temple Ground. As you enter the temple, make your way through the ground by running to sester and talk to her to place a revive point.

Go ahead in the hall and get the Smoldering Mace, you can go to the anvil and use Quenching acid to upgrade your weapon, which we recommend.

In the first room of the temple, you will face five enemies, get rid of them and loot for collectibles.

Get to the right room from and there will be a crypt with a smoldering mace upgrade if you make an offering. Get rid of flame ghosts that spawn as you make your offering at the tomb.

Go ahead to the raised path, from the main path and face a new enemy with armor and claymore, parry his attacks and use weapon skills to kill him.

On the bridge ahead, get the scripture of Repent, and face two enemies, afterward go to the double door ahead.

In the next room you will face some more enemies, get rid of them and then go to the pathway littered with corpses and face two more enemies.

Go to the left from here as the right side is currently inaccessible and face two more claymore enemies in the next room.

On the right side of this room is Iron maiden with Quenching acid and you can get another weapon upgrade.

Move forward and face some more enemies close to the large pit and get the bronze bell from the coffin.

In the next room, you will face a new enemy who hurls fireballs at you but also has very low hp.

We recommend you to rush at him before he even attacks and get done with him.

The next room also has many enemies, here the best tactic is to lure them one by one as they are ranged enemies so you should take advantage of that and get rid of them.

Get large bolt from coffin on left side and go to the left exit, there will be more claymore enemies here. In the crypt make an offering to get collectibles.

Go upstairs now and face four more enemies and a flame demon. Behind the flame, demon will be a tomb and inside will be a chest with Solemn Offering and Unguent Tar.

There are two doors, the iron door will get you to the entrance of the temple while other one is a dead end.

Now go through iron door and get to the big room again, this time g through the back exit into the outdoor area and face three more enemies, then go upstairs to find a crypt. Loot the Sarcophagus for collectibles.

Sanctum of Flame
Now go to the left from downstairs and you will face a new enemy type, this is a dual flame sword-wielding enemy who is strong but with long attack animations which you can exploit.

Defeat him and collect the rewards and then go upstairs and through the iron door.

Face two sword/shield enemies and get the Quenching Acid from iron maiden and Scripture of repent from barrel.

Go to the deepest part of temple and keep going further, ahead you will face two grunts and a claymore enemy on a wooden bridge.

Defeat them by luring them in the hallway. Cross the bridge and go to the final room of the temple through double door.

This final room of the temple is called Sanctum of Flame. Get a glimpse of hope as you enter and then fall down to a platform and face two enemies.

Don’t engage with the flame knight and go downstairs and get the collectibles from underneath the stairs.

Face the flame knight now along with more spawned ghosts. Go upstairs and talk to sester to set the final save point. Now you will face the boss

Imrod, the Unrepentant Boss

As mentioned before, this is the easiest of three bosses. Basically, he is very slow moving with slow attacks.

You need to make sure dash is your favorite move as you can easily dodge anything this boss throws at you with dash.

At the start of the fight, he will attack you with dash attack and with his mace, you can easily harden and counter these.

In the melee range, look out for his slight shrug or baseball swing, they both can be easily dodged and countered with your own combos.

He has a big attack, it is an overhead slam where he raises the mace above his head and breathes fire onto it.

His final attack is fire breath, the safest place to get away from this attack is to get behind Imrod.

The first phase of fight is pretty simple as Imrod has no combos but pretty straight forwards single attacks.

When the second phase of the fight starts, he will get some new tricks up his sleeves. Basically, the move set remains the same but attacks become more continuous.

With his mace up to his waist level, he will attack with a three hit combo.

There is another faster mace swing, after that comes a ground slam. Just stay away from him during this period and when he is done you can use any combo you like to throw some heavy hits.

The signature attacks from Imrod is his kick. It is very random and the kick basically starts a lengthy combo of various attacks.

This is also an opportunity for you to hit Imrod after he is done with some heavy attacks.

After defeating Imrod, you will get Glimpse of Annihilation, Nascent Tar and Inflamed Gland.

After this, the whole temple will become even more grim and dangerous, make your way out of the temple and you will see that Fallgrim is now in a fog state.

Now get back to the Fallgrim Tower in the fog and when you reach the tower you will see a new NPC called Thestus is in the weapons room. He will explain how the fog works.