How to Get the Secret Baghead Ending in Mortal Shell

The world of Mortal Shell is full of intricate details for you to discover. We have managed to uncover a hidden path that allows you to end the game in a very relaxed way with a friend by your side. In this guide, we’ll be showing you How to get the Secret Baghead ending for Mortal Shell.

Mortal Shell Secret Baghead Ending

When you initially step into the world of Mortal Shell as nothing but a hollowed being, you encounter a strange Old Prisoner.

The entire story seemingly revolves around this strange being, as he rewards you with upgrades and gifts when you give him Sacred Glands looted from the Fallgrim’s three temples.

Dealing with him will advance the story each time towards its ultimate conclusion.

However, there is an alternative path that you can take. It’s not really the TRUE ending, but it’s pretty funny to witness nonetheless.

Note that going down this path won’t yield any consequences, and you’ll be returned to where you left off, and the game won’t actually end.


Secret Ending

Where is Baghead?
A warm man known as Baghead resides in Fallgrim. When you first meet him, he will not attack you, but all he seeks is a conversation in a world driven mad by chaos and disorder.

Baghead is found sitting under a tree next to a frog chest and a small fire. Bats reside on the tree that Baghead sits next to.

The first time you talk to Baghead, he’ll ask you for different things to help him out.

Baghead needs A Tasty Rat
Well, for his first request Baghead will ask you to get him a Boiled Rat. If you have one, you can go ahead and simply offer him one. But you can get one for him pretty easily by fighting the brigands nearby.

Once you give Baghead the delicious Rat, he’ll ask you to bring him some Superior Moonshine.

Baghead needs Superior Moonshine
Moonshine is found by killing enemies around Fallgrim. Inferior Moonshine is easy to come by but, finding Superior Moonshine may present to be more of an ordeal.

Head to one of the three temples in the world where you’ll find harder enemies.

Try to kill them and farm some Superior Moonshine for your about-to-be best friend.

Bringing Baghead the Moonshine will make you both pretty good friends.

Best Friends Forever
Continue to talk to Baghead and on the third time he’ll open up regarding how nice you have been to him.

In a mad world, you came by and talked to Baghead who could’ve potentially been an enemy and shared your kindness with him without asking for anything in return.

Baghead will finally ask you the million-dollar question; do you want to become best friends?

Agreeing to the request will trigger a secret ending.

A Dark Fate Befalls Fallgrim
As you and Baghead start to chill together, drink booze and lazily idle around the campfire, the world’s problems don’t stop to exist.

Initially, you’ll see that everyone around you is having fun but soon, what lies dormant comes out to haunt the unsuspecting residents of this cruel world.

The vampires show up hiding in the notable mist that you’ve seen every time you have found a Sacred Gland.

They lay waste to the land by taking everyone out, and giving up on your quest meant that they would continue to prey around on the weak, eventually causing permanent darkness to fall onto the world.

The game will then, funnily enough, roll the credits. You will however be set back to the same progress prior to becoming Baghead’s best friend.

Knowing the consequences of idling around, you must get back to saving the world. For Baghead! So that he may live in a world of peace once again.

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