Mortal Shell Seat of Infinity Walkthrough

This Mortal Shell walkthrough will cover the zone known as the Seat of Infinity. Mortal Shell Seat of Infinity is the largest of the three temples and is located in the Fallgrim Outskirts.

It is filled with enemies and you will also have to engage in boss fight. We will go over the entire journey through this area.

Mortal Shell Seat of Infinity

Before you venture into the temple, you should make some proper preparations. This is the toughest of the 3 temples so you’re in for one hell of a fight.

Equip a weapon that you’ve upgraded greatly and keep some Roasted Rats on you.

There are 3 main areas in the Seat of Infinity and we will go over each of them individually.

Eternal Narthex
Immediately after you arrive at this area, you should head left towards the Sester to activate a checkpoint.

Then you must take down Hadern in order to acquire the Hammer and Chisel. Collect the Weltcaps from the room before proceeding down the hall.

You will now have to battle the Hammer Knight. As the name implies, he will slam his hammer at you to knock you down hard.

You must prepare for this attack by hardening and then sidestep the rest of his moves.

Wait for the enemy to do 3 slams and then immediately take advantage of the opportunity to land some hits in.

Once you’ve taken down the hammer knight, you can exit through the door.

Head left from the big new area that you find yourself in and you will come across a teleporter.

Use it and you will be transported to some stairs where that are being guarded by three red knights.

You can eliminate them fairly quickly by using the jumping attack to stagger them before landing some killing hits. Once they’re dealt with, you can proceed downstairs.

Turn on the torch and a few phantoms will spawn that you can either kill or flee from. Head left and make your way around the big pillar to get to another torch.

Here you will fight another Hammer Knight and four Crossbow Knights. You can take out the latter by timing your attacks with the third shot fired by the enemy.

After they’ve been taken care of, you can then loot the chest beneath the rock to collect some Quenching Acid.

Head to the staircase and go up two flights until you come across a giant golden button. Turn left and get to the teleporter behind the Hammer Knight.

You will end up at the back right corner of the room by a ramp.

Use it to get to the bridge and jump down once you spot a torch to your left. There is a ramp that will then take you up to the torch.

Take out the enemies by using harden and taking them on turn by turn.

Once they’re dealt with, activate the third torch and head back to the previously mentioned Sester. You can just load to get back to that checkpoint.

Now you can press the golden button on the staircase in order to open the door that will take you to the next area.

Dim Gate
You will immediately reach a bridge where you encounter pairs of red knights and crossbow knights.

They will be helped by a hammer knight, polearm knight and dual-wielding knight. You can avoid this fight by running past the enemies via the path to the right and head to the Sester.

Then head towards the large statue and you will come across some stairs that are being guarded by a dual wield knight and polearm knight.

There are also pairs of red knights, and crossbow knights that you must takedown.

Once they’ve been dealt with, you need to head up while watching out for the shots fired by the crossbow knights.

You will then reach a hall being guarded by and a torch in the center. Turn it on to get a Glimpse of Disdain, Scripture of Ardor, and Tar Remnant.

Take out the four phantoms then fight the Hammer Knight and Red knights at the back. You can then exit via the stairs on the other end of this area.

Enter the next room and take care of the crossbow knight and then the red knight. Head upstairs and you will come across some more crossbow knights.

Kill them and grab the Weltcap before heading up the stairs. Take out the two crossbow and red knights and grab the Glimpse of Wisdom by one of the teleporters.

Then head for the path off the platform with the gold button. You will know you’re on the right path if you encounter a red phantom.

Eliminate the polearm knight guarding a chest and then loot it to collect the Large Bolt and Bronze Bell.

Head left and take out the hammer knight before tending to the red knight and crossbow knight behind the walls to the left.

Once they’re dealt with, you can collect another item that is being guarded by a polearm and dual-wielding knight. This is the Scripture of Euphoria.

Head to the top of the tower and there will be a path from where you look at the sky bridge.

Head along this path and take out the enemies to collect the Ethereal Diapason. You can pretty much avoid many of the enemy encounters by sticking to the slope on the right side of the bridge.

You will still have to face a red knight and hammer knight, with a crossbow knight taking aim at you.

We recommend taking care of the ranged enemy first but be careful. You do NOT want to fall off or get knocked off by the hammer knight.

There are two paths from here. Head left to collect a Quenching Acid and then take the right path.

Stick to the right path to get to the two crossbow wielding enemies and take them out before reaching the path to the Shifting Archives.

Shifting Archives
Take out the Hammer Knight to enter this area of Seat of Infinity. First collect an item from the ledge by the pillars.

There you will also come across a teleporter that will take you to a platform from which you can collect the Hammer and Chisel upgrade, Foul Censer.

Head back to the start of this area and go along the hall that leads to a giant face.

You can activate a Sester near here to set a checkpoint before heading to the giant face. It is here where the boss fight against the Crucix happens.

You can get a complete detailed strategy on how to defeat this enemy in our Crucix boss fight guide.

After you’ve dealt with the Crucix, you earn the Glimpse of Oblivion, Nascent Tar, and Knotted Gland.

Once you’ve collected these, the area will have a whole new layout. You will have whole new dangers to deal with such as higher-powered enemies.

Make your way down towards the next Sester will carefully getting through the crossbow knights.

We recommend Hardening in order to get through the foes with minimal damage taken. Take the Sacred Gland and exit the area.