Mortal Shell Imrod the Unrepentant Boss Guide

This Mortal Shell Imrod the Unrepentant Boss Guide will let you know how you can easily and quickly defeat the Imrod the Unrepentant boss to progress forward in the dungeon.

Mortal Shell Imrod the Unrepentant Boss

This battle occurs when you reach the Shrine of Ash: Sanctum of Flame area. Once there, speak with Sester Genessa to activate that savepoint and drink from the chalice to begin your battle against Improd the Unrepentant.

Imrod boss battle won’t be really tough if you stay with us till the end and get all the tips and tricks.

Imrod the Unrepentant has a couple of attacks that it uses in a pattern. Precisely encountering this attack with the right moves is the key to winning this boss battle.

The battle is two-phased; you have to deplete the boss’s health bar twice. In the first phase, it has three attacks and then and additional two moves after you deplete its health bar the first time.

First Phase
Firstly, Imrod smashes it’s club on you really hard causing you to get stunned for a moment.

At this moment, you’ll get a moment to slash damage a moment before it smashes then block to stop its attack.

If you manage to break its guard, you will stagger it which is very beneficial for your damage inflicting maneuvers.

Secondly, when you are far from it, it’ll dashes quickly towards you and slash its mace quickly twice.

Avoid this attack by moving away as soon as it starts coming towards you. Following this attack, you’ll get a moment to do some damage.

Finally, Imrod the Unrepentant spits lava at you if you get closer. Successfully dodging this attack will give you a moment of opportunity.

Second Phase
In the second phase, it has all the earlier attack with the addition of another one.

It uses the spartan kick to throw you to the ground then walks towards a burning corpse and throws that towards you.

Use this moment to dash close to it and inflict some heavy damage. This is the best moment to use weapon skills

You can also use the arena to your advantage. Stay behind the pillars to obstruct all its attack directions than when its finished with its attack, quickly move to deal some damage or break its guard.

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