Mortal Shell Hadern Boss Guide

In this Mortal Shell Hadern boss guide, we’ll be showing you the best strategy to take him out successfully every single time without ever getting hit.

Hadern is the first boss you’ll encounter in the world of Mortal Shell. You will encounter him many times more as you progress further into the story.

Mortal Shell Hadern Boss

Hadern is a tutorial boss and also the Guardian of all Weapons. He fights you using the Hallowed Sword and can also make use of the Hardening ability, just like you!

One important thing to note is that in the Tutorial Area, you have only ONE chance to defeat Hadern, and failing to do so will prevent you from acquiring the Glimpse of Reverie.

Hadern is found in four locations, defeating him in each area rewards you with a different weapon.

  • Tutorial Area – Hallowed Sword
  • Temple Grounds – Smoldering Mace
  • Eternal Narthex – Hammer and Chisel
  • Abandoned Chamber – Martyr’s Blade

Ready, Set, Jump!
Hadern opens up with a running jump attack. Make sure to roll out of the way immediately. Soon after the attack he will harden himself and lead it up with a sword slash.

Make sure you evade the attack, and you can get a hit or two in while he’s vulnerable and recovering from the attack.

Hadern’s Harden
There isn’t much diversity to Hadern’s moveset. He’ll Harden and swing his sword every now and then.

You can very easily dodge this combo and counter-attack. Be wary that as you slash him after his Harden, he’ll attempt to retaliate with as well.

The attack is pretty fast so be on your feet with the dodge. You can land in an extra hit soon after.

It’s a bit tough to pull off, so you can try to just stay back and land in a hit or two now and then.

Mortal Tokens
You might not be able to master Hadern right away, so make sure you have a few Mortal Tokens lying around for you to use. Try not to make too many mistakes.

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