Mortal Shell Glimpse Farming Guide

There are two upgrade currencies in Mortal Shell and Glimpses is one of them. This guide covers farming Glimpse in Mortal Shell, along with their farming routes.

Players are required to use this currency to purchase abilities for Shells. The currency is obtained as drops from enemies however, they’re a rare find.

Mortal Shell Glimpse Farming

To start with your Glimpse-farming, head off to the Fallgrim Tower and go upstairs where you will have to talk to Thestus.

You can have Thestus bring the fog back to the location and have a couple of Grishas and other enemies spawn.

Doing so will cost you a Glimpse. The fog can also spawn if you have a Sacred Gland with you.

Jump from the second floor of the Fallgrim Tower to get to the ground. Now head off to the river where you will run into some toxic frogs.

In order to reach the river, you will have to take your path through the enemy camp that will be located towards your left and then get into the water.

There will be a path that will lead you to the right end from the river. Follow this path until you reach an enemy camp.

You will run into a Grisha here which you will have to kill. Killing the Grisha will grant you 6 Glimpses and 750 Tar.

You should be aware that enemies might drop on these routes while you’re farming.

So if you’re running past their spawn locations, they may inflict a lot of damage to you. In order to be safe, memorize these locations and slow down when you’re passing by.

The fog will not only spawn the Grishas, but also other enemies that you will have to deal with while you’re traveling through the routes to farm.

This can be very challenging for you when you’re running through the same routes at over and over to stock up on Glimpses.

Once you’ve claimed your reward, head back to the swamp from where you can take another path. This path will lead you to the place with bats hanging from trees.

You will also face some enemies here that you will have to fight off. The second Grisha will be behind the largest tree.

Defeat him and you will get another reward of 6 Glimpses and 750 Tar.

Now head back to Thestus and use another Glimpse to reset the fog, or just have some enemy kill you in a place where you can retrieve your body. This will reset the world, leaving you your Glimpse.

In order to farm more efficiently, you can save up your stamina by using Tiel and the upgraded ability which will allow you to not consume your stamina when you’re running.

Though it is important to know that Tiel possesses the lowest health stats.

By using the Bronze Bell item, you can better your chances of obtaining Glimpse from enemies.

In this way, you can get more than 12 Glimpses in one go. If you practice fighting these enemies enough, you will find it way easier to deal with them.

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