Where to Find the Forbidden Offering in Mortal Shell

There is a hidden upgrade in Mortal Shell that can improve your Resolve. However, finding it can be tough. But there’s no need to go astray as this guide will help you find the Forbidden Offering in Mortal Shell.

Mortal Shell Forbidden Offering

Resolve is a useful mechanic in Mortal Shell that allows you to perform special abilities. It is important to keep your resolve bar to a maximum at all times which is not easy.

However, there is a special upgrade item known as the Forbidden Offering that upgrades your Resolve.

The Forbidden Offering is an upgrade sold by a merchant near the Obsidian Tower in the Fallgrim Outskirts.

The name of the merchant is Corrupted Sester who will be hidden inside a room near the entrance to the Seat of Infinity.

While you have the option to go to whatever region you want, Seat of Infinity is a bit of a tough area so we would only recommend going there once you have a good grip of the combat.

Head to the left of the stairs and follow the path along the side of the tower. Eventually, you will find a hole leading into a room.

She will be selling the Forbidden Offering for 3,000 Tar along with other stuff. After purchasing the Forbidden Offering, it will be placed in your inventory.

How to Equip the Forbidden Offering
Take the Forbidden Offering to the upgrade station inside the Tower and offer it to your Tarnished Seal. By doing so, your resolve acquisition rate will increase.

Check it out by doing some fights and you will be able to see the huge difference in the resolve gained during the fight.

With this increased Resolve gain with the help of the Forbidden Offering, you should be able to go through all sorts of tough fights like a breeze and utilize all your Shell’s abilities to the max.

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