Mortal Shell Fallgrim Walkthrough

Fallgrim isn’t a very straight-forward area, meaning that you can get lost and confused if you don’t know where to go. To help you out with exploring it properly, we’ve prepared this guide to walk you through Mortal Shell Fallgrim area step by step.

Mortal Shell Fallgrim

After you complete the tutorial of Mortal Shell and crawl through the cave, you’ll find yourself in a place called ‘Fallgrim’, which is the first area to explore in this game.

Fallgrim is basically the hub area of the game’s world. From Fallgrim, you can visit the three other areas in the game.

How to Get Harros (the Vassal Shell)
After you come out of the cave and arrive at Fallgrim, continue moving forward until your path splits into two. You’ll now have the option to either go left or right.

To get Harros, you’ll have to go left first. It’ll be at the end of the path. Harros is a balanced shell which gives you decent health, resolve and stamina.

Inhabiting this shell will also grant you a few unique abilities which you’ll be able to level-up later on.

The special mechanic of this shell is that after it takes a certain amount of damage, the shell will get removed from you.

You’ll then be able to move around freely as you did before getting the shell but you’ll be much more vulnerable now. If you get back into your shell, you’ll be given a second life.

Getting to the Fallgrim Tower
Now that you have the Harros, return to the split in the road and now travel on the right path instead of the left.

Keep moving forward on this path until you get to a large area where you’ll see a bunch of mushrooms to the left.

When you enter this area, the ‘Fallgrim’ title will show up on your screen. Grab the two Meltcap Mushrooms and then make your way towards the campsite to your right.

Once there, make use of your Sense Instinct to get a hint of where to go next, which happens to be the Fallgrim Tower.

You can trigger an optional cutscene by interacting with the rock in the camp which will show you the tower.

There will be a corpse near this rock which you can loot to obtain the Glimpse of Futility.

You can also find a chest if you look behind the tent on your left which will give you a Lute and Remnant of Tar.

After getting all the loot from the campsite, make your way down into the swamp. When you get there, a quick cutscene will play which will let you know where you have to go next.

You have to cross the swamp and go down the path right in front of you. You’ll encounter a group of five enemies but taking them down won’t be a big deal as they’re very frail.

What you need to watch out for are the bear traps scattered on the ground. So, you’ll fight to fight carefully and patiently.

After defeating all the enemies, continue moving on this path. To your right, you’ll find a Tarspore and a Weltcap.

Once you see the cave on your right, enter the door on the left to arrive at the Fallgrim Tower.

Fallgrim Tower
Once you’re inside the Fallgrim Tower, you’ll be greeted by Sester Genessa. Interact with her to unlock the ‘Sip the Divine Tar’ ability which will allow you to level up your shell.

To do that, you’ll need to have Tar and Glimpses. You can get Tar by killing enemies and by some unique items which give it to you.

To get Glimpses, you’ll need to kill the more powerful enemies and bosses in the game.

Once you have the required amount of Tar and Glimpses, you’ll be able to learn the name of the shell you have, which will then allow you to level it up.

Locations of Other Shells and Weapons
Now, head down into the chamber and use your Sense Instinct. This will give you info on where to find the other three shells and get access to their unique Shell abilities.

  • Solomon, the Scholar: Cave which can be accessed through the tunnel in the Grisha cave behind Fallgrim Tower.
  • Eredrim, The Venerable: Outside Seat of Infinity’s entry point.
  • Tiel, the Acolyte: Fallgrim Outskirts – Ven Noctivagu cave.

After learning the location of the shells, go upstairs to learn the locations of the other weapons in the game using your Sense Instinct.

  • Smouldering Mace: Shrine of Ash – Temple Grounds.
  • Hammer and Chisel: Seat of Infinity – Eternal Narthax.
  • Martyr’s Blade: Crypt of Martyrs- Abandoned Catacombs.

To unlock these weapons, you will have to defeat Hadren while he’s using the weapon. To start a battle with Hadren, you’ll have to find a statue with books adjacent to it.

How to Get the Tarnished Seal
While in the room where you learn about the weapons, you’ll see a doorway in-between the weapon holders.

Go through this door and then go upstairs to the right. Once there, remove the seal from the shackled beast.

After the cutscene, you’ll be granted the Tarnished Seal. This seal will give you the ability to parry/riposte.

Now that the shackle has been removed from the beast, he will give you a task.

You need to bring him three Sacred Glands. The three glands can be found in all the areas presented above.

For each gland you bring him, he’ll grant your Tarnished Soul a new ability.

Only one of these abilities can be used at a time but you can swap through them very easily.

  • Inflamed: When empowered by Resolve, your riposte will attach a charged larva to your enemy which explodes.
  • Knotted: When empowered by Resolve, your riposte will bend time to your will.
  • Crystalline: When empowered by Resolve, your riposte will unleash your true form upon your foes.

Merchant Vlas
Make your way back to the weapons room and then exit the tower using the doorway on the left.

Head down the path which goes under the bell and then up some stairs. This will lead you to Merchant Vlas.

Now, head back through the door which you used to first enter the Fallgrim Tower.

You might remember that there was a cave opposite to this door. Enter this cave and get the Glimpse of Futility from there.

After doing so, continue moving through this cave until you reach the large open area and see the monstrous beast in front of you.

Grisha Boss Fight
Despite having a very frightening appearance, Grisha is a surprisingly easy boss to defeat.

Practically, all you really need to do is to bait out an attack from Grisha and dodge it, and then attack him as he’s recovering.

As Grisha performs an attack, he lets out a loud roar. This makes it easy to time your dodges. Almost all of Grisha’s attacks are two or three hits, which makes even more easy to dodge.

The best way to dodge is by rolling and then using your harden to perform a combo break, which will stagger Grisha. You can also parry his attacks.

Grisha’s main attack is an uppercut. Before he performs it, he lowers his arms and then lets out his signature roar.

This attack cannot be parried or hardened, so just dodge it by dashing backwards.

Once Grisha is defeated, open up the chest he was protecting to obtain 6 Glipses, 750 Tar and the Mechanical Spike weapon upgrade for your Hallowed Sword.

After grabbing the loot from the chest, go to the back-end of this area to get to a dirt ramp and then crawl through the tunnel to get the shell of Solomon, the Scholar.

Finally, head back to Fallgrim Tower and use the upgrade on your Hallowed Sword at the workbench.

This will allow you to perform an invulnerable stab attack that will stagger the enemy instantly, at the cost of two resolve bars.