Mortal Shell Enslaved Grisha Boss Guide

This Mortal Shell: Enslaved Grisha Boss Guide will let you know how you can easily and quickly defeat the Enslaved Grisha boss to progress forward in the dungeon.

Mortal Shell Enslaved Grisha Boss

Enslaved Grisha is the intermediate boss of the Crypt of Martyrs. Defeating it will give you access to the next part of the dungeon where you will encounter the main boss.

Enslaved Grisha boss is the same as the previous Grisha boss in the types of attacks it has, only a few additional attacks will be seen here.

Honestly, it does not have a large variety of attacks; it only relies on a couple of standard attacks. It uses a dual slash attack of its arms.

It smashes its arm above you nailing it into the ground and it also uses a head slam attack in which it throws all its weight on you.

To easily beat Enslaved Grisha, you must know how to counter these attacks.

First up, the dual slash; here you’ll find that there is a gap created between its arms when Grisha uses this attack.

This can be used as an opportunity to get closer and unleash some deadly attacks. It turns around very quickly in this attack so beware.

Next, the smash attack. If you manage to evade it, Grisha will have its arm stuck in the ground for a moment. Use this moment to your advantage and do some good damage.

Finally, when your Tarnished Seal flashes red, it means that the head slam attack is coming. Quickly take a distance when this happens then try to grab onto its back and give it some good damage.

Use weapon skills whenever you have them ready. If you execute them correctly, you’ll be able to stagger the Grisha and get some time to damage it.

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