Mortal Shell Crucix the Twiceborn Boss Guide

This Mortal Shell walkthrough will cover the boss fight against Crucix the Twiceborn. You encounter this enemy at the end of the Seat of Infinity. This is one of three temple bosses that you will have to battle in the game.

Mortal Shell Crucix the Twiceborn Boss

Head to the Shifting Archives and talk to Sester Genessa to save before touching the chalice. This will send you falling down to the battle area. You must harden when falling to keep your spare life.

Phase 1
Crucix the Twiceborn will come at you with a multi-hit combo that you should avoid. Once you dodge it, you can land two or three hits while he’s staggered.

You must harden after he regains composure as he will immediately attack you again.

Crucix also has a ranged attack in which the tiny twin fires burning arrows at you if you’re at a distance.

After bringing down half his health, he will perform a dive bomb attack that can one-hit you so dodge it and use harden.

Phase 2
Once the tiny twin dies, the second phase of the fight will start. In this the enemy will come at you with more powerful and quicker attacks.

You will no longer have that much time in between dodges to land many hits so you’ll have to make up for that by timing your hits better.

Luckily the boss won’t run at you so you can recover from hits by keeping your distance.

He will use his spear to hit the ground at the end of his multi-hit combo, and then come at you with his axe before finishing the chain with a kick.

Run at the enemy as soon as he slams the spear into the ground and then perform a jumping attack before using harden at the start of his recovery.

Keep repeating this strategy and eventually, you will bring Crucix’ HP down to zero and win. This victory will reward you with the Knotted Gland.