Mortal Shell Best Weapons Guide

In this Mortal Shell Best Weapons guide, we will list all the different weapons found in the Souls-like game.

We will go in detail about each weapon’s strengths and weaknesses, helping you unleash the full potential of each weapon as you take down enemy after enemy.

Mortal Shell Best Weapons

In order to get these weapons, you need to take out Hadern in the fights that are started when you read a book.

Each weapon in Mortal Shell can get two Ability upgrades that increase the weapon’s damage output.

These books are present by a statue in every unique area. Let’s take a look at the weapons individually.

Hallowed Sword

This sword is hollow in the center. It appears like this sword is half done as you can see a mechanism with some pistons in it that seems unfinished.

You can find this melee weapon when you start out in the game inside the tutorial area. You have to take it off of the statue in order to add it to your inventory.

Hallowed Sword Abilities

The abilities for the Hallowed Sword are as follows:

Mechanical Spike
When you have gotten this ability upgrade with the Hallowed Sword, you will be able to do a very graphic attack by jumping forward because of the spike that comes out of your sword.

Molten Spike
The difference from mechanical spike ability is that this time the spike will be burning and will cause burn damage to the opponent.

Hammer and Chisel

It is said that its blow can bend and break reality and write eternity.

Go to the Seat of Infinity area to find this weapon with the statue near the entrance. You will have to take out Hadern to get this.

Abilities for Hammer and Chisel

The following are the abilities for Hammer and Chisel:

Perfumed Censer
All the enemies on AoE will be damaged by the use of this ability. The player starts to spin forward when the ability is activated which causes a lot of damage.

Foul Censer
Using this ability, the player will hit the chisel with the hammer and perform a ranged attack which causes a lot of damage.

Smoldering Mace

Ash flies off the head of this weapon and the inscription on it states, “Righteous fire may only be wielded by a disciple consecrated by wrath and fury”.

Go to the Shrine of Ash area to find this weapon with the statue near the entrance. You will have to take out the Hadern to get this.

Abilities for Smoldering Mace

The following are the abilities for Smoldering Mace:

Awakened Stone
Cause burning damage with this ability by smashing the ground with the mace and making a small AoE in the process. This will cause a lot of damage.

Foundry Stone
This will set your mace on fire, literally; dealing burning damage to any enemy that comes in contact

Martyr’ Blade

This weapon is from the long-dead empire, a two handed sword that was used by the first martyrs but also has blood from the necks of my innocents.

Go to the Crypt of Martyrs area to find this weapon with the statue near the entrance. You will have to take out the Hadern to get this.

Abilities for Martyr’s Blade

The following are the abilities for Martyr’s Blade:

Petrified Winterglass
This ability will cause freezing damage to your enemies when activated by using ice.

Radiant Winterglass
You will be able to freeze all your enemies using this ability. When you activate it, your character will jump up and smash the sword into the ground freezing all enemies nearby temporarily.


This weapon was invented by The Neoterics of Muraden for trials that were disputed.

The bolt leaving the Ballistazooka decides the fate of the one standing trials, the accused lives if the bold misses.

This is the only ranged weapon in the game and in order to get it, you will have to use tools you got from Vlas and repair it.

Large Bolts are used as ammo for this weapon which you can find all over the map especially from Vlas.

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