Mortal Shell Best Builds Guide

In this Mortal Shell Best Builds guide, we tell you how by using the correct Shell combined with the correct weaponry and abilities, you can absolutely tear through each and every single enemy.

Mortal Shell Best Builds

Mortal Shell is a very challenging game if you don’t know what you’re doing with your character. Below are some builds centered around specific Shells and their abilities.

Harros, the ‘Brave’ Vassal
Harros’ Brave build works best with either the Martyr’s Blade or the Smoldering Mace.

Harros has plenty of Resolve to go around, albeit a bit less compared to that of Solomon’s.

Using the special attack when available, you should be able to defeat most enemies rather easily.

Select the following abilities to get the most out of your Harros build.

  • Recollection of Death – Regain last chance upon defeating enough foes.
  • Accretion of Endurance – Managing stamina becomes easy with this ability. Using Hardening to counter your enemy’s attack while refilling your stamina gauge will help you gain the edge over the fight with no problem.
  • Accretion of Inheritance – Hardening time increases by 2x upon being broken. Good to tank against several enemies at once if caught in a tight spot.

Solomon, the ‘Unyielding’ Scholar
The Unyielding build focuses on using the Hammer and Chisel. We will be using its special ability over and over again to deal a ton of damage to our enemies.

The best part is, hitting our enemies with said abilities fills up our Resolve, not to mention that during the animation of the attack, you’ll be completely invulnerable to any incoming damage.

To maximize the efficiency of the build, you’re going to need to make sure you have the following things.

  • Forbidden Offering – The Forbidden Offering helps to increase your Resolve gain. It can be purchased by the Sister under the Obsidian tower for 3000 Tar. Upgrade your character at a workbench once you have the Offering.
  • Accretion of Inheritance – Increases Resolve gain slightly when struck while hardened.
  • Recollection of Death ­– Pretty important regardless of any build. Gives you a last chance if you defeat enough foes.
  • Accretion of Endurance – Heals you when you kill an enemy with weapon ability. Our entire build revolves around this, so it’s important to get this for life-steal.
  • Accretion of Dominance – Increases the time enemies remain hardened when you’re outside of your shell.
  • Accretion of Yearning – Small amount of Resolve gain when talking to an NPC.

With everything above acquired, you’re all set to spam your special ability away and take out even the toughest enemies with ease. It’s a pretty cheesy build honestly.

Tiel, the ‘Dexterous’ Acolyte
Tiel’s advantage lies in his high stamina. You have enough stamina to deal a flurry of attacks and still back off.

The best weapon arguably for this play-style is the Hammer and Chisel. You could also use the Martyr’s Blade which is a slower alternative, but honestly a better option for Tiel than anyone else due to his high stamina.

  • Accretion of Ascent – Lose 20% stamina instead of HP upon getting damaged. It’s alright to sacrifice a little bit of stamina for the sake of getting a few hits in. Especially since Tiel has a lot of it anyway.
  • Accretion of Endurance – Get a damage bonus when you’re low on stamina.
  • Accretion of Resolve – Lose no stamina when sprinting.
  • Accretion of Dominance and Inheritance – Dominance will give Tiel a buff that poisons enemies on hit, and with Inheritance there’s a chance to trigger Tiel’s abilities when striking a poisoned enemy. A deadly combo.
  • Recollection of Death – Can’t forget this one. Defeat enough opponents to get a last chance for Tiel!

Enedrim, the ‘Tanky’ Venerable
As Enedrim, you can tank a lot of hits due to your exceptional durability out of all four shells. Enedrim falls terribly short when it comes to stamina.

The Hammer and Chisel, or the Martyr’s Blade makes it easier to manage what little stamina Enedrim has.

  • Accretion of Endurance – Increase max HP by 15%. The more health the better!
  • Accretion of Inheritance – Deal extra damage to lonesome enemies. Considering Enedrim isn’t very good in terms of damage, it’s better to pick Inheritance and pick out enemies as much as possible.
  • Accretion of Yearning – Become an absolute beast by resisting knock-downs very often.
  • Accretion of Dominance – After reclaiming Eredrim, deal massive damage on your next attack.
  • Accretion of Resolve – Build up ‘execution stacks’ by killing enemies (Reset upon separation), and ramp up your base attack damage to deal more damage per hit.

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