Mortal Shell Beginner’s Guide

In order to get familiar with this challenging game pretty early, we have prepared a detailed Mortal Shell Beginner’s Guide highlighting key points to keep in mind while getting started in Mortal Shell.

Mortal Shell Beginner’s Guide

Being a souls-like, Mortal Shell can be both tantalizing and brutal at the same time with its gameplay.

Don’t Rush
At the very beginning of the game, we recommend you not rush through it. We know, people do that in order to get to the exciting stuff early or to speedrun.

But in Mortal Shell, you need to be thorough. Take your time through the start and all the tutorials, just like you would when starting a SoulsBorne title.

Try to be more understanding of the surroundings and environment. Instead of fighting and rushing through places, try to explore them so that you better able to tackle your enemies and are able to use the space around you efficiently. So, we recommend you to take your time through the learning process.

Learning Combat
All souls like games emphasize combat so just like we have mentioned above, don’t rush it.

It’s ok if you don’t defeat enemies in the first go, just make sure to learn their combat tricks and tactics well for the next run.

This way you will be able to learn some of the best strategies and using them will always give you the same and importantly satisfactory result.

Find and Use Items
A dark souls franchise veteran knows how important usable items are in souls-like games.

There will be a lot of items throughout the Mortal shell storyline which you will be able to find pretty easily.

We recommend that you use items at regular intervals for a smooth ride and don’t worry about wasting something as you won’t end up short of any item any time soon.

This will also make you familiar with the game and items very quickly allowing you to better utilize them in the future.

Shells are basically the characters in Mortal Shell that you can choose from. At the start of the game you will have a foundling who is very weak but after sometime you will be introduced to the concept of shells.

Now this foundling can get the shells, these shells are the bodies of other warriors and soldiers stronger than you. You can use them as shells and become powerful yourself.

Every shell has very unique abilities and attributes, we recommend you to check the shells and pick a right one for your playstyle as it will help you a lot in shaping a better experience of the game.

Fullgrim Tower
Fullgrim tower is going to be your main headquarters in the game and as soon as you get access, we recommend you to get familiar with it as well.

You will have to come back to Fullgrim tower very frequently in the game for various tasks and missions. You can change your shells, weapons or equipment here.

In the tower, you will also find many merchants, they can upgrade your weapons and equipment or you can buy new.

Another important aspect is that you will get shortcut access to other dungeons and places through Fullgrim Tower.

There is also one and only ranged weapon vendor at the top of the tower, so make sure to check him out as well.