Mortal Kombat X Story Mode Will be Like a Movie

Johnny Cage has been confirmed for Mortal Kombat X, Shinnok is also making a return according to this story trailer and there is also a chance that Blind Kenshi ad Jax would also be a part of the game.

With such a rich cast, even the story aspect of the game is hotter than ever. To top that up, NetherRealm Studios say that the story mode is going to be as smooth as if you are playing a movie. I hope he didn’t mean all cutscene dialogues and no action whatsoever.

In a recent interview with the GamesTM magazine the Marketing Manager for Mortal Kombat X, Brian Goodman discussed the kind of story mode that they wish to give us.

He even made a reference to the way Injustice played (its combat mechanics and so on) and also said that the developers wanted the players to feel like they were playing a movie.

Moving on, he boasted of a massive story mode which, in his opinion, was a major feature of the previous instalment in the series which got pretty famous. So it appears that we are going to get a story mode that the developers have really invested into.

We are still waiting to find more details on the story mode of the game but so far it is just this new story trailer that features new characters as well.

Mortal Kombat X is being developed for all the major platforms as well as the primary mobile platforms including PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, iOS, Android and Microsoft Windows.

NetherRealm Studios have announced that the game is going to be released worldwide on April 14, 2015.

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