Mortal Kombat X Gets 15GB Patch on PC Along With Free Krypt Coins

Planning on playing Mortal Kombat X on PC over the weekend? Well, you can’t. At least not until you download a 15GB patch. Well at least it’s not as big as Halo: TMCC patch, which asked us to download 20GB of data.

Still, it’s a massive patch, want to know what if fixes? Two things, yes only two things. Here they are:

  • Optimized shaders to improve graphics performance
  • Fixed an issue to prevent replays from using up too much hard drive storage space

15GB worth of improvements for graphics and some replay storage issues. I won’t be happy at all if I don’t see a major improvement in graphics after I install this patch.

It is quite possible that there could be more details or patch notes, but Netherrealm’s post on Steam doesn’t mention anything about it. We could hear more in the coming days.

Also, to make up for this inconvenience, developers are giving us 10,000 free Krypt Koins. They aren’t much but still they will help us unlock a couple of items. Something is better than nothing right?

So I guess we should start downloading the patch and considering its hefty size, people like me who have a slow internet connection will have to wait a while.

Mortal Kombat X was recently released on all major platforms and it’s the biggest launch in the franchise history. No doubt, the game deserves to be at the top spot.

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