Mortal Kombat Skarlet Moves and Fatalities Guide

We already know all Mortal Kombat’s Skarlet, and before you enter the realm of fighting online with her, don’t forget to know her moves, fatalities, and babalities to kneel your opponents.

Mortal Kombat Skarlet Moves


FP-Front Punch

FK- Front Kick

BP-Back Punch

BK-Back Kick

Basic Moves

Front Punch Square/X
Back Punch Triangle/Y
Front Kick Cross/A
Back Kick  Circle/B
Crouching Front Punch Down + Square/X
Crouching Back Punch Down + Triangle/Y
Crouching Front Kick Down + Cross/A
Crouching Back Kick Down + Cirlce/B
Angled Jumping Kick/Punch Angled Jump + any Kick or Punch Action
Straight Jumping Kick/Pinch Straight Jump + Any Kick or Punch Action

Normal Commands

Dagger Slash Backwards + Front Punch
Rising Blade Backwards + Back Punch
Back fist Forward + Back Punch
Front Knee Forward + Front Kick
Roundhouse Forward + Back Kick
Lifting Leg Upwards + Front Kick


Throw (Away) Backwards + Front Punch and Front Kick
Throw (Towards) Forwards + Front Punch and Front Kick

Kombo Attack

Krimson Bash F. Punch + F. Punch + B. Punch
Red Pain F. Punch + F. Punch + B. Kick
Blood Clot Backwards and F. Punch + Forwards and F. Kick
Coagulation Backwards and FP+FP+FK
Bad Blood Backwards and FP+FP+Forwards and BK
Blood Shed Backwards and BF+BK
Punishment FP+BP+FP
Bloodshot BP+FK
Flesh and Blood Forwards and FP+BP+FP+BP
Bloodboil Frowards and FK+FP+BP
Slaughter Forwards and FK+FK
Carnage Upwards and FK+BK
Thicker than Water Forwards and BK+FK

 Fast Tags

Warfare Upwards and FK+BP,BK
Transfusion Backwards and FP+FP+Forwards and BK+BP,BK
Butchery Frowards and FK+FP+BP+BP,BK

Tag Specials

Blood Thirsty FP+FP+BP,BK
Krimson Blade Backwards and FP+FP+BP,BK
Judgement BP+FP+BP,BK
Bloody Hell Forward and FK+FP+BK,BP
Blood and Guts Forward and BP+FP+BP,BK

Xray Move

Blood Bank FK+BJ

 Special Moves

Up Slash Downward+Forward+BP
Down Slash Downward+Backward+BP
Blood Drop Downward+Backward+BK
Blood Dash Downward+Forward+FP
Blood Ball Froward+Downward+Backward+FP
Dagger Toss Downwards+Forwards+FP

Finisher Movers

Make It Rain Forwards+Backwards+Downwards+Downwards+BK
Stage Fatality Forwards+Backwards+Forwards+FP
Babality Downwards+Backwards+Downwards+Forwards+BP

Skarlet Fatalities

Blood Bath (close): Down, Back, Down, Down, Block
Make It Rain (jump): Forward, Back, Down, Down, B/Circle

Stage Fatality
Forward, Back, Forward, X/Square (close)

Down, Back, Down, Forward, Y/Triangle (jump)

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