Mortal Kombat 2011 Story Mode Walkthrough

With a whole new combat system, this 9th installment in the legendary Mortal Kombat series may well be the best of all. One of the interesting elements in Mortal Kombat series has been the background stories associated with each character. If you are interested in the story mode of Mortal Kombat before diving into the multiplayer section, read on for the complete Mortal Kombat 2011 Story Mode walkthrough.

These stories are combined together to build an engaging story mode where players will control different fighters and face the opponents picked up as the story (tournament) progresses.

Mortal Kombat 2011 Story Mode

There are 67 total fights in the story. The following will walk you through all the events and fights in Mortal Kombat’s story mode:

Chapter 1 – Johnny Cage

As this is the first chapter of the story, there are only 4 easy fights, which act as a bit of an introduction to the story itself and the game mechanics.


  • Low Forceball: ↓ → [2]
  • High Forceball: ↓ ← [2]
  • Flipkick: ↓ ← [3]
  • Shadow Kick: ← → [4]
  • Nut Punch: ← ↓ [1]

Fight 1 – Reptile


The first fight with Reptile will obviously be very easy, so not much can be said about it. Do whatever you need to do as Reptile will pretty much just be a punching bag for you. Utilize this fight as an opportunity to get familiar with the controls, combos, movement patterns, animations and overall mechanics of Mortal Combat 2011.

Fight 2 – Baraka

The Baraka fight will be almost the same as the Reptile one. Though Baraka tends to stay on the ground more. Try and perform a jump-in combo, then jump towards Baraka and land a kick on him; this will quickly deplete his health, then you can do any punch combo you want to take him out.

Fight 3 – Sonya

This fight will potentially be your first challenging one. The catch with Sonya Blade is her legs, which have an insane reach. She’ll stay grounded for most of the fight but she tends to do quite a few jump-in combos. The best move to use with her is the Shadow Kick, which she doesn’t block or dodge very often.

Fight 4 – Kano

The final fight of the first chapter is a bit of a tough one. Kano will be much more aggressive than the other characters you fought.

Kano will want to dance with you in the air, so what you need to do is hang low and stay around jump range. Be prepared at all times to land an uppercut, which you can follow with Shadow Kicks or Forceballs. If you manage to trap him in the corner, this fight will be over quick.

Chapter 2 – Sonya


  • Energy Ring Blast: ← → [2]
  • Leg Grab: ← → [4]
  • Kiss: ↓ ← [1]
  • Arc Kick: ↓ ← [4]
  • Kartwheel: ↓ → [3]
  • Air Drop: ↓ [4]

Fight 5 – Sub – Zero

In this fight, Sub-Zero will use his slide move quite a bit. Keep a look out for this move and utilize Sonya’s kicks, and destroy Sub-Zero’s duplicates using Sonya’s Energy Ring Blast.

Fight 6 – Raiden

Raiden will be very aggressive in this fight, closing the distance with you as much as he can. Use this to your advantage by landing uppercuts and Arc Kicks. Stay low, unless Raiden is on his back, then you can setup a jump-in.

Fight 7 – Jade and Kitana

This will be your first 2v1 fight. You have to keep your distance here and use the long reach of Sonya’s legs to your advantage. If they get too close, use sweeps to protect yourself. If you’re above jump range, they’ll start to throw projectiles, so be ready to block them.

Don’t hesitate in using your X-Ray attack; use it as soon as it’s ready to use. This will give you some space to breathe, and it’ll inflict a ton of damage on them. Overall, be very defensive – jump away from them as soon as you feel like you’re about to get ganged up on.

Fight 8 – Kano

Fight 8 will be your very first repeat fight in the story. Kano will be even faster in this fight, but Sonya’s kicks will make this fight pretty easy. Make use of Sweeps, Arc Kicks and uppercuts so Kano stays grounded.

If you get too far from him, be prepared to dodge his projectiles, then utilize your Energy Ring Blast to bait him in towards you. When he comes in, he’ll probably do a jump-in, so be ready to throw an uppercut.

Chapter 3 – Scorpion


  • Spear: ← ← [1]
  • Demon Fire: ↓ ← [2]
  • Teleport: ↓ ← [3]
  • Take Down: ↓ ← [4]

Fight 9 – Kung Lao

Kung Lao will mostly stay on the ground in this fight. He will be insanely aggressive in this fight so you won’t be able to use your Spear Attack. Just be very careful and defensive, and use your uppercuts and teleport ability.

Fight 10 – Nightwolf

Nightwolf will be your first defensive opponent. This doesn’t mean that he’ll be scared away by you, but he’ll stay back and use his projectile attacks. Use your Spear Attack and close this distance as much as you can – once you do, this will be a relatively simple fight.

Fight 11 – Cyrax and Sektor

Even though this is a handicap fight, Cyrax and Sektor will not tag each other all that much; they’ll only do it if they’re near death, or they want to prolong a combo. Both of them have their own infuriating idiosyncrasies. With Cyrax, you’ll have to face a lot of jump-in combos, and with Sektor, you’ll have to face his two-hit teleport combo again and again.

Stay at jump distance from Cyrax while he is up. Once you land a good uppercut and put him down, unleash whatever combo you can on him. With Sektor, you don’t want to jump much; stay close to him. Make use of your Spear Attack with both of them, and then use the Take Down move, and then press 1 as fast as you can.

Fight 12 – Sub-Zero

This Sub-Zero will be noticeably more aggressive than the one you last faced. But he’ll still use the same slide and clone moves. Stay close to him and don’t use jump-in combos much. As with the last fight, use your Spear Attack, then use Take Down, and then spam 1.

Chapter 4 – Cyrax


  • Bomb (Close): ← ← [4]
  • Bomb (Medium): → → [4]
  • Bomb (Far): ← ← → [4]
  • Net: ← ← [3]
  • Teleport: ↓ ← [1]
  • Buzzsaw: ← → [2]
  • Reverse Kick: ↓ → [3]
  • Ragdoll: ↓ → [3] [Grab]
  • Anti-Air: ↓ → [1]

Fight 13 – Sheeva

This fight is pretty much as easy as it can get. Sheeva will keep launching herself at you, and closing the distance. Use this to your benefit by getting even closer to her and spamming 1 while holding the forward button.

This will perform Cyrax’s basic 3-hit combo, which Sheeva won’t be able to do much again. Keep doing this and the fight will be over in no time.

Fight 14 – Baraka

Similar to Sheeva, Baraka is also too aggressive, which you can take benefit from by using Cyrax’s basic standing combos; you can also use a throw or reverse kick here and there. Just watch out for Baraka’s jump-ins.

Fight 15 – Johnny Cage

Similar to Baraka and Sheeva (there seems to be a trend with this chapter), Johnny Cage will also be way too aggressive. You can play this fight exactly how you played the last two and it’ll be over quick.

Fight 16 – Sektor

Sektor will abuse his teleport ability in this fight. What you can do here is either be very aggressive and try and finish him using close punch/kick combos or you can wait till he teleports and falls; as soon as that happens, start smashing him up. The latter strategy will take more time, but it’s a bit safer.

Chapter 5 – Liu Kang


  • High Fireball: ← → [1]
  • Low Fireball: ← → [3]
  • Flying Dragon Kick: ← → [2]
  • Bicycle Kick: ← ← → [4]
  • Parry: ↓ ← [1]

Fight 17 – Ermac

One thing you must know before you jump in this chapter is that you can’t use the same playstyle with Liu Kang, as you did with the previous characters. Liu Kang can’t really defeat his opponents by just spamming attacks, so you’ll have to be much more strategical. And by strategical, I mean jumping around the map and firing well timed kicks.

With Ermac, you’ll have to out-jump him. Just keep jumping-in, then landing a quick combo.

Fight 18 – Kitana

Kitana has great moves to stop your jump abilities. So, you can’t outjump her in this fight like you did with Ermac; instead, you can use Fireballs to bait her, then land uppercuts on her as she jumps.

What you can also do is move back a step when she’s about to perform a jump-in, then block, and then perform Liu Kang’s 3-hit (1) basic combo/throw. If you manage to corner her, just spam 1 and you’ll quickly deplete her health.

Fight 19 – Scorpion and Quan Chi

This fight will have to be played extremely defensively. Scorpion is the one you have to look out for since he’s going to keep teleporting like a madman. Maintain your ground and hold block – this might confuse the AI, and give you a chance to land a good uppercut or basic combo.

Quan Chi will also teleport, but his damage is not as high as Scorpion’s. Use the same strategy with him and this fight will be in your hands.

Fight 20 – Goro

This Goro fight will be a big pain. He’ll turn invincible without showing any signs of charging up a punch. He’ll stay at a medium distance from you. You have to watch out for his special attack, which can literally hit you from anywhere in the map, even if you are blocking. So, you have to remain in the air for as long as you possibly can.

You can only hit him three or four times as his invincibility phase will start to begin, as he’ll start charging an attack. So, hit a few times, then back off, and wait for another opportunity to attack.

Goro’s damage output is very high; you can lose up to 35% of your health if he lands a single combo on you. What you need to do is just jump-in, jump-out, then remain stationary and look at what he’s about to do. If he comes towards you, jump-in, if he does not do that, jump away from him.

The uppercut is your best weapon against Goro. Jump-in and press 2, then hit 2 again, then press 2 for the third time, while holding the ↓ key to perform an uppercut. If it lands, jump-out immediately and look for an opportunity to do this again.

Fight 20 – Shang Tsung

Even though this is the last fight of the chapter, it is way easier than the penultimate one. You can go back to your original strategy with Liu Kang, which is basically just jumping around like a maniac and kicking and uppercut-ing your opponent as much as you can. If you can’t land a kick or an uppercut, sweep him.

Also, keep moving to dodge Shang Tsung’s fireballs. If you knock him down, pause for a second, and then jump-in with a kick so it lands as soon as he gets up.

Chapter 6 – Jax


  • Energy Wave: ↓ ← [2]
  • Dash Punch: ↓ → [2]
  • Ground Pound (Close): ↓ ← [3]
  • Ground Pound (Medium): ↓ → [3]
  • Ground Pound (Far): ↓ ← → [3]
  • Gotcha Grab: ↓ → [1]
  • Air Gotcha Grab: ↓ ← [1]
  • Overhead Smash: ↓ ↑ [4]
  • Back Breaker: [Grab]

Fight 22 – Baraka

Baraka will be much more aggressive in this fight, but you don’t need to worry as his damage is still not very high, unless you slip up and he does a long combo on you. If you’re away from him, make use of your Energy Wave attack. If not, jump-in and follow it up with uppercuts and punches. Keep doing this and this fight will be over quick.

Fight 23 – Johnny Cage

As with Baraka, Johnny Cage will also be way more aggressive in this fight. He’ll setup combos with jump-ins, and it’ll be hard to get a combo on him. If you’re at a distance from him, your key weapons in this fight are your ‘Gotcha Grab’ attack, Energy Waves and Dash Punches. When close to him, just use sweeps and basic attacks.

Fight 24 – Jade

This fight is very simple. All you need to do is use Dash Punches and setup combos with jump-ins. No specific strategy is necessary for this fight; simple combos will do the job.

Fight 25 – Sheeva

Sheeva will be very strategic with her attacks in this fight. She’ll use her teleport ability only a few times each round, so you’ll never know when it’s coming. Because of her air grab move, you want to keep most of this fight on the ground.

Use your Dash Punches and Energy Waves and cross her up if a jump-in of yours works.

Chapter 7 – Smoke


  • Shake: ← → [1]
  • Smoke Cloud; ↓ ← [2]
  • Teleport: ↓ ← [4]
  • Invisibility: ↓ ↑ [3]
  • Smoke Away: → ← [3]
  • Smoke Towards: ← → [3]

Fight 26 – Kitana

In this fight, it’s best to stay grounded for most of it; as if you jump around too much, Kitana might catch you with her fans, which will take away a chunk of your health. Keep landing your basic 1 combo on her and use your Teleports well.

Fight 27 – Kano

Kano will be very hyper-active in this fight. He’ll move around a lot, which will not let him block, so you can easily punish his movement by timing your Teleports well.

Fight 28 – Sub-Zero and Reptile

Sub-Zero’s main moves in this fight will be his slide and cloning ability. With Reptile, he’ll just regurgitate acid a lot. So, you have to keep your distance with both opponents at all times.

Look for the right opportunity to teleport, then do a jump-in combo, and then go back as soon as it’s finished. You don’t want to tango with these guys for too long. Try and be on the lookout for Sub-Zero’s slide attack. As soon as he slides, cross him up and use either your X-Ray attack or Teleport ability.

Fight 29 – Sektor

Sektor’s main play in this fight will be his Teleport ability. By the time you reach this fight, you’ll be pretty good at playing against this move, so you don’t need to worry much about it.

Just get up close to him and unleash all the combos you can. You should use the → 4 attack a lot, since Sektor has a hard time dodging it; you can also throw in some teleports of your own in this fight.

Chapter 8 – Sub-Zero


  • Iceball: ↓ → [3]
  • Slide: ← → [4]
  • Ice Clone: ↓ ← [4]
  • Ice Puddle: ↓ ← [3]

Fight 30 – Cyrax

The first fight of this chapter is relatively simple. Cyrax will teleport a lot and use his air throw if you attempt a jump-in. Keep the fight on the ground and be on the lookout for his teleport.

Since Cyrax does not attack you when he activates the teleport ability, you have the chance to land an uppercut before he lands from the teleport, meaning he won’t be able to block it. Keep yourself away from him, but not too far; use jump-outs to keep this distance. Also, use your Ice Clone ability.

Fight 31 – Ermac

As compared to Cyrax, Ermac is a bit weaker, but quicker. Due to his speed and strange movement patterns, it’ll be hard for you to use your Ice Clone ability. However, your Iceball projectiles will come in very handy in this fight.

Contrary to the previous fight, you want to keep this one in the air. Being airborne will lessen the chance of his ground-pound attack doing any damage, and also his teleports will become less accurate. The best combo to do in this fight would be a jump-ins with kicks, then (2) and an uppercut.

Fight 32 – Reptile

Reptile finally makes his return since the first fight and this time; he’s gotten much tougher. Still, this fight will be simple as you just need to do what you did with Cyrax.

Reptile will keep jumping-out, then attacking you with his projectile acid and slides. He’ll use his slide to setup his X-Ray Attack. What you need to do keep your distance from him and spam your Iceballs. Once you freeze him, jump-in with 2, then keep spamming it, and you’ll perform a basic, but powerful, 4-5 hit combo.

Fight 33 – Scorpion

Scorpion will play this fight very intelligently. He’ll be very aggressive, but he’ll take a break from attacking you to give him enough time to teleport behind you, so he can start attacking you again and continue his combo.

If you’re at jump distance or if the distance is even greater, play defensively (keep holding block), as he’ll most likely teleport and catch you off-guard. If he gets up in your face, get back; this is because he’ll try to counter your block by performing his Demon Fire attack.

Use your basic 2 combo or uppercuts at close range. Use your Iceballs at long range, but time them perfectly. Also, watch out for his X-Ray attack.

Chapter 10 – Jade


  • Boomerang: ↓ → [1]
  • Boomerang Up: ↓ ← [1]
  • Boomerang Down: ↓ → [3]
  • Shadow Kick: ↓ → [4]
  • Shadow Flash: ← → [3]
  • Staff Overhead: ↓ ← [2]
  • Staff Grab: ↓ → [2]

Fight 38 – Baraka

Since your initial fight with him, Baraka has gotten much, much more powerful. Like Sub-Zero in the previous fight, he’s also aggressive, but strategic. He’ll spam his Fireball attack if you get more than jump distance away from him. That may sound bad, but you can actually work this to your own benefit by throwing your boomerang at normal height (↓ → [1]) at the perfect time.

If you time it properly, you’ll duck under the Fireball, and your boomerang will strike Baraka right before he finishes the attack animation. If Baraka is at jump distance from you, use your basic 1, 2, 2 combo, then you can also follow that with a boomerang. Remember to use your X-Ray Attack as soon as you can, and watch out for Boraka’s X-Ray Attack; as it is a running grab, move away as soon as it is charged.

Fight 39 – Sheeva

The Sheeva fight is very simple, especially compared to the previous fight. Keep the fight on the ground and stay aggressive to finish this as quick as possible.

Fight 40 – Mileena

Mileena will jump around like crazy in this fight. Keep yourself on the floor and chip away at her health using basic combos. Whenever you use your boomerang, always throw it up, using (↓ ← [1]).

Remember to block and look out for her teleport attack.

Fight 41 – Smoke

This fight will be very similar to the last one, except Smoke will use his X-Ray attack as soon as it gets charged. In this fight, yor Pole Vault move will work very well, so remember to use it at the right time using ↑ [3].

Chapter 11 – Kung Lao


  • Hat Toss: ← → [2]
  • Ground Hat: ↓ ← [2]
  • Spin: ↓ → [1]
  • Dive Kick: ↓ [4]
  • Teleport: ↓ ↑
  • During Teleport, Throw: [1]
  • During Teleport, Punch: [2]
  • During Teleport, Kick: [3] or [4]

Fight 42 – Noob Sailbot

Noob will stay on the ground for most of this fight, and he’ll be relatively aggressive. While you’re away from him, use your Hat Toss attack for some easy damage, just don’t spam it too much, or Noob will do a teleport throw on you. Use some teleports of your own as well. While close, use your basic combos.

Fight 43 – Goro

This is one of the easier fights of this chapter. While close to Goro, use basic combos; while far from Goro, keep using your Hat Toss attack. Goro will also occasionally start taunting for no reason in this fight, so take that opportunity to get some free damage in. Don’t use jump-ins too much, as Goro will then start charging punches, making him invincible for a short while.

Fight 44 – Shang Tsung and Quan Chi

Quan Chi will be the easier fight of the two, so let’s start with him first. He’ll teleport around a lot. Keep your feet planted on the ground and be ready to block his teleport attack any second. If he gets up in your face, you can either land an uppercut or jump-out. While you’re away from him, wait for him to teleport, then block his attack and then counter it with your own.

Shang Tsung is a bit stronger and much more aggressive than Quan Chi. He’ll throw a lot of fireballs, but you can counter this by using a teleport kick/throw. If he isn’t knocked down, wait for a second, then do a jump-in with 4, then press ↓ 4 right after. While close to him, use Kung Lao’s basic 1,1,2,1 combo.

Fight 45 – Kintaro

Kintaro will charge punches quite a few times in this fight, meaning he’ll be invincible. So, you have to play this fight defensively, with a good strategy. Make every move of yours calculated. Use jump-outs a lot and keep moving around to dodge his fireballs. When you teleport, use your Hat Toss attack, and also make use of teleport-kicks.

Fight 46 – Liu Kang vs. Shao Kahn

In the final fight of this chapter, you’ll play as Liu Kang instead of Kung Lao. Shao Kahn is one of the hardest opponents you’ll face in the entire story. He’ll keep turning invincible, his insane damage will take away at least 10% of your health per hit, and his Hammer Throw ability can’t be ducked under, and still inflicts damage (and stuns) even when it’s blocked.

However, Shao Kahn, for some reason, has a high chance of taunting you if you get double-jump distance away from him – this gives you a few seconds to do whatever you want with him. Use your basic 1,1,1 combo to chip away 5% of his health, and also put yourself at the distance he taunts at.

Chapter 12 – Stryker


  • Baton Sweep: ↓ ← [4]
  • High Grenade Toss: ↓ ← [2]
  • Low Grenade Toss: ↓ ← [1]
  • Gun Shot: ← → [1]
  • Roll Toss: ← → [2]

Fight 47 – Reptile

Reptile fights very defensively, and prefers to spit projectiles at you from a far. Use Stryker’s Gun Shot move (← → [1]) to deny Reptile from running away from you. Once close, use your basic combos to mess him up.

Fight 48 – Mileena

A simple fight. Use the same strategy you’ve been using with her previously. Keep yourself on the ground and wait for her to fail a teleport, then punish.

Fight 49 – Kintaro

The strategy for this fight is pretty simple. While you’re away from Kintaro, use your Gun Shot attack twice, then move, or you’ll get caught with a fireball. Cross him up if he gets close to you. Use jump-ins with 2, then follow them with an uppercut.

Fight 50 – Ermac

Ermac’s movement speed in this fight will be very high. Keep yourself planted on the ground, unless your X-Ray is charged. If you’re more than jump-distance away, hold block and try to counter his teleport. If you time your X-Ray attack well while he’s up close with you, you can deal a lot of damage.

Chapter 13 – Kabal


  • Gas Blast: ← ← [1]
  • Nomad Dash: ← → [4]
  • Buzzsaw: ← ← [3]
  • Tornado Slam: ↓ ← [2]

Fight 51 – Kano

Kano is very strong and super fast. If he catches you with his X-Ray attack (a grab), you’ll lose most of your health. However, Kabal’s speed is thankfully on par with Kano’s, meaning you can play this fight aggressively if you want.

Kaba’s simple 1,1,1 combo does quite a bit of damage, and you can also do a jump-in while repeatedly pressing 1. Just move away from Kabal and start blocking as soon as his X-Ray attack is ready.

Fight 52 – Mileena and Noob Sailbot

Even though this is a handicap fight, it is relatively easy. You need to play defensively, and just wait for them to teleport, then counter it with an uppercut or a basic combo.

Fight 53 – Cyber Sub-Zero

Even though this is the Cyber version of Sub-Zero, you can easily win this fight by using the same tactics you used for Sub-Zero in your previous altercations with him.

Fight 54 – Sheeva

For this fight, you’ll have to counter punch as much as you can, since jump-ins aren’t effective against Sheeva (she can throw you while you’re in the air). You need to do the basic 1 combo, or use your tornado slam attack or throw her as much as you can.

Throws will work well since she doesn’t counter them much. As soon as Sheeva jumps up into the air, jump up yourself and beat her to the ground.

Chapter 14 – Cyber Sub-Zero


  • Ice Ball: ↓ → [1]
  • Ice Bomb (Close) ← ← [3]
  • Ice Bomb (Medium): → → [3]
  • Ice Bomb (Far): ← ← → [3]
  • Slide: ← → [4]
  • Teleport: ↓ ← [1]
  • Ice Parry: ↓ ← [2]
  • Divekick (Close): ↓ [3]
  • Drivekick (Far): ↓ [4]

Fight 55 – Sektor

You have a lot of options with Cyber Sub-Zero for this fight. Sektor will be really aggressive and he’ll teleport around a lot. This fight should be played the same way you played the Mileena fight. While you’re n the ground and at jump distance, hold block.

Wait for Sektor to miss a teleport, then punish him using Cyber Sub-Zero’s basic 1,1,1 and 1,1,2 combos. Also, remember to throw his Iceballs at the right time, and use your X-Ray attack mid-air.

Fight 56 – Kintaro and Goro

This fight can be won very easily if you use the following strategy properly. All you need to do is just keep teleporting and then following it up with two perfectly-timed front kicks, then using your X-Ray attack mid-air if it’s charged up.

Fight 57 – Ermac

Pretty much use the same strategy you did in the previous fight and this one shouldn’t be much of a hurdle.

Fight 58 – Noob Sailbot

Even though this is the last fight of this chapter, it is one of the easiest ones. The same strategy you’ve been using in the previous fights will also work in this fight, but you have to use basic jump-in combos and spam 1. Also, remember to start blocking as soon as you think Noob is about to start teleporting or unleashing his clones.

Chapter 15 – Nightwolf


  • Shoulder: → → [4]
  • Lightning: ↓ ← [3]
  • Arrow Shot: ↓ ← [1]
  • Reflect: ↓ ← [2]
  • Axe Swing: ↓ → [1]
  • Choke: ↓ → [2]

Fight 59 – Quan Chi

This fight is very straight-forward. Use the same strategy you’ve been using, but perform an uppercut instead of a combo to punish a bad teleport from Quan Chi. Then, use your Lightning attack as soon as Quan Chi gets back up. After he gets struck by the lightning, he’ll most likely teleport or jump straight towards you. As he comes, use the same strategy again.

Fight 60 – Cyrax

Cyrax is incredibly easy to fight. Just get up close and personal to him and unleash whatever combos you can. Keep moving and stay in the air, as he will teleport, but he can’t land an attack from it.

Fight 61 – Sektor

You don’t need to do anything too special in this fight. Use the same strategy you did with Cyrax and you’re good to go.

Fight 62 – Sindel

Sindel will play this fight very aggressively, and in return, you’ll have to be even more vicious. Get up close and land jump-in combos. While far, use your lightning and/or arrows. Do either of the two, don’t stay in the middle.

Chapter 16 – Raiden


  • Lightning: ↓ ← [1]
  • Electrocute: ↓ → [2]
  • Electric Fly: ← → [3]
  • Teleport: ↓ ↑
  • Vicinity Blast: ↓ ← [2]

Fight 63 – Skorpion

The first fight of this chapter is probably the easiest one. Watch out for Skorpion’s teleports. If you get knocked down, use your Electric Fly attack the instant you get back up.

Fight 64 – Jax, Stryker and Kabal

This is easily on the hardest fights in the entire game. You’ll have to fight them in sequence, one after another, in sets of 3. Your health will not regenerate between fights and there is only a single round in each fight.


Your first fight will be against Jax. Jax will stay on the ground for most of the fight. So, it’s a good idea to keep yourself in the air; however, Jax is able to grab you mid-air and throw you. So, keep yourself at jump-distance from him, and send across the map using → [4]. As he gets back up, land a solid uppercut on him. If you get knocked down, use the Electric Fly attack like you did with Scorpion.


The second fight is with Stryker. He’s even faster and more aggressive than Jax. You can’t hold block against him since he can break through it. What you need to do is stay below him throughout the fight. If he goes up in the air, land an uppercut, then do a jump-in. Remember to keep moving throughout this fight – this will bait him into coming towards you, so you can land some easy uppercuts on him. If he gets too close for comfort, teleport away.


The final fight is with Kabal. As compared to the first two fighters, he’s not that hard to beat. Just stay low and hold block. His AI will not be very aggressive at all, allowing you to land easy shots throughout the fight. You can uppercut your way to victory in this final fight with Kabal.

Fight 65 – Kitana, Nightwolf and Kung Lao


Another triple handicap match. You’ll go up against Kitana first. This fight will be very simple. Keep yourself above her, and jump-in with 2, then perform an uppercut or basic combo. As soon as you’re done with the combo, throw an Electric Fly as soon as she gets back up. If she isn’t getting up, don’t bother to do an Electric Fly, as she’ll block it, and maybe even catch you with a counter.

Nightwolf and Kung Lao

These fights can be fought in the same way you fought the one with Kabal. Keep yourself low and hold block, and wait for them to mess up. They’ll most likely catch you with a special attack if you try and cross them up, so it’s really not worth it. Hold block while crouching and wait for them to approach you, then land a clean uppercut – then do an Electric Fly as they get up. Repeat this process while keeping note of their X-Ray attack charge.

Fight 66 – Liu Kang

Another straight-forward fight. Use Liu’s aggression to your advantage by uppercut-ing him as he tries to do jump-ins. Don’t get too close to him on your own, and don’t do Electric Flys like you’ve been doing in the previous fights. Only do it when he jumps in from too far of a distance, then you can land an Electric Fly as he lands.

Fight 67 – Shao Kahn

Despite being the last fight of the entire Mortal Kombat 2011 story mode, this fight is really not that hard. Shao Kahn is pretty much just as strong as the last time you fought him, he’s just a bit more aggressive this time around.

You can approach this fight in many ways, but this one is the simplest strategy. You need to use Raiden’s Spinning Kick using → [3]. Use your Teleport and Electric Fly abilities to their fullest potential. And perform a jump-in 2, then an uppercut when you see a good opening.

One thing you need to remember with Shao Kahn is that his attack animations are painfully long. So, you need to hold standing blocks. Right after blocking an attack from him, you can do a spinning kick, unless he does a forward charge; then, you should not do anything.

Do the jump-in (2) uppercut move if he’s about to throw his hammer. If he gets ready to sweep you by charging up his hammer above his shoulders, you can either do the aforementioned combo (if you’ve mastered it), or do nothing and wait for another opportunity.

Do a spinning kick or an Electric Fly if he performs an upward charge. Your attack will still hit even if he’s above you.

He’ll most likely do his X-Ray attack if he jumps-in, so jump forward. Don’t try to block it as he can just break through your block

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